Can the world drop pool get uncrowded? Can we get more than the 20 same legendaries repeatedly?

It shouldn’t be the case that these are all the same 20 or so legendaries you don’t want over and over again when farming for world drops

Just a pile of ASMDs, bangerangs, krakatoas, scourges, trevanators, faisors, storms, rebel yells, rippers, vanquishers, polybiuses, and other legendaries everyone has dropped for them when trying to get gear they actually want

Give more items dedicated spawns so world drops can actually be something worth going for instead of it being crowded with middle to bottom tier junk


I just logged off from running 4 back to back M3 Circles. I didn’t relog because I had modifiers that let me play with the weapons I want to(which is rare) and at the end of 4 runs I had the same pile of orange that you just described.

I pulled a good Dastardly Maggie and a Double Ferocious Ogre out of all that. Which by BL2 standards is good loot but still, what’s even going on?

Bl3 is pretty and nice modernized combat upgrades but the “mayhem” of it all is super disappointing. Not just the silly ass modifiers but everything being a world drop.

What happened to “more of the same Borderlands we love” pitch?

*Sorry if I’m overly negative, I’ve just been playing this franchise, nearly exclusivly to other games for nearly 5 years and all this random on top of random to the random with a little more random feels is just too much for my taste.

I prefer the way every prevoous Borderlands felt.

Agreed. I do a four boss run and at the end of it I have the same three snipers.

Yea like idk about you but I wouldn’t mind if drop rates were reduced a good portion of items were taken out of the world drop pool and given dedicated spawn points.