Can this be a taunt please?

It would also be nice to have special taunts that the community can suggest, this just being one for Oscar Mike~


<img src="//"


This is amazing!!! :smile:


Psssst… Psssst. Gearbox, Mike needs dis taunt!

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Isn’t there an event like this taking place right now? It’s not on the forums but rather through the social media; they’re picking separate winners for Twitter and Facebook (iirc), though you need to do it as a video, iirc.

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Wasn’t that like… Months ago? I am not sure though. ;p

They haven’t announced an end to it on these forums, but I’m not on any social media so, if they announced the end/winners there, I’d be completely ignorant of it.

I thought the same, but haven’t seen anything on it since they announced the event. Same with the Badass weekend give away from the Beta. No winners have been announced to my knowledge.

I want one for Kelvin where he looks confused then suddenly all the organisms that comprise him collapse into a puddle, leaving the exoskeleton standing there.