Can this run on my laptop? Specs in body

My laptop’s specs are an intel i5 5200u cpu, 4gb of nvidia GT 940m, and 6gb of ram. The cpu on high performance mode on my laptop hits 2.7ghz clocking speed instead of 2.2. Can this run it? I don’t care if it’s the VERY minimum settings. I just wanna play.

The reason I’m asking is what’s on Humble Bundle atm.

Edit: I should also add overclocking the gpu is a possibility.

They’re not that accurate sometimes, they’ve said I couldn’t run a game when I could just fine. I’m asking the Devs.

Laptop’s are iffy. without actually trying, there’s no way to know. @Jeffybug could you look into this?

Still waiting on a reply. Is there ANY dev or support tech who can give me a definitive yes or no?

It’s the weekend bro. They’re not in the office.

And STILL no response… C’mon guys, or you’re gonna miss out on a sale if I CAN run it.