Can this topic be moved up?

(Is this thing on?) #1

Can this be moved up to just below the General Discussion, instead of stuck in the middle of the character topics? Thanks!

(Watcher on the wall) #2

I do believe this was an issue in TPS section as well. That seems to have been fixed. @Jeffybug Can this be remedied here as well?

(Jeffybug) #3

When I move the BL:TPS categories, it has a negative effect on the categories here. Discourse folks are investigating.

(Is this thing on?) #4

Yikes! I guess that also explains the mis-ordered character forums too. I suppose it’s a bit too late to delete the BL2 categories and recreate them in the correct order? :wink: Seriously though, good luck to the team, and thanks for working on this.

(Jeffybug) #5

@VaultHunter101 We’ll see what we can do. Will get this resolved before official launch!