Can use 2 abilities - Can't throw grenades anymore

Playing as Zane on PC. In the beginning I had no problems throwing grenades with G but as soon as I had the ability to select two special abilities, ability 1 is now activated with F and ability 2 is now activated - Guess what? - With G.

Attempted to remap the grenade key but that also remaped ability 2 and solved nothing. Have tried to deselect ability 2 and only have the F one activated but - 1, I couldn’t do that - and 2, why would I need to do that? Why can’t ability 2 and grenades be two different keys?

Zane gets 2 action skills as a trade of for not using grenades anymore.
He got skills that allow grenade usage (clone, drone, shooting), check his skilltree :slight_smile:

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