Can we add Hero Specific Counters/Tokens?

I love this game. Wow. I love some characters. Wow.
But sometimes it feels like a small section is missing.
Oh, you know, some Hero Specific Counters, Tokens, Bars and whatnot.
Small HUD-Items that keep track of certain things for certain heroes. I know, this sounds really random, but here are some examples.

A counter for Marquis how many Owls are currently out on the field.
A counter for Ambra to see how many Sunspots she has out right now. (Same as Marquis)
A bar for Miko (/Ambra) which shows which teammate has how many life. So he can quickly change his heals, without scanning the map first.
A StackTracker for Heroes like Kelvin and El Dragon for their passive. So they instantly now how many stacks they have.

Stuff like this. I find myself very often in a situation that I want this information, but for some reason I can’t seem to find it. So I have to scan the map for my owls/teammates or just count stacks.

I’m sure there are different examples for different heroes, but some of these things might make life a little easier.
Try to imagine a Stealth character without a stealth timer… That’d be hard…