Can we at least reverse the duration nerf to the Hex?

This is the nerf that really bugs me. 3 seconds is nothing.

And as a casual user of this grenade simply because it’s fun, not someone who spammed with Moze, it’s annoying that I’ll now have to throw 2 where one would have been fine before.

It’s still the best grenade in the game, now its not stupid broken. A lvl 37 non recurring hex grenade got me through lvl 37-50 with no problems and made farming mayhem 2 with a grenade 13 lvls under the max, a cmplete cakewalk.

Im all for the nerfs it needed em. Too many time im open to public and “oh man its duped recurring hex grenade guy again”

Tell me a better made then hex on all elements for all characters I will wait

Only 3 second duration though? That’s seriously lame.