Can we be given an option to auto-set specific skills in our Helix?

(OhCoolStoryBruh) #1

I’ve posted this on the Reddit already and it created some confusion, so I’ll be a little more clear here. I’m going to use myself a specific example so that everyone will understand what exactly I mean.

I main Orendi. For reference to my playing experience, I have her at Rank 13 while my Command Rank is 34. I’ve had hours of experience with her, unlocked all her Mutations and know the ins and outs of her Helix at this point. At level 3 of her Helix, I am given the choice of altering her Nullify ability (which propels me backwards when vanilla) by choosing “Let’s Bounce” (which will now propel me in the direction I’m currently moving) or “Oh, That Reminds Me” (which immediately charges my shield upon activation). There is simply never going to be a match where I would choose “Let’s Bounce” over “Oh, That Reminds Me”, because I can find a workaround for the former by simply aiming myself in the opposite direction I want to travel and activating it to propel me in the desired direction. I’m able to get the best of both worlds, because I can still use it to maneuver around the map while also getting instant shield re-charge. I will always pick “Oh, That Reminds Me” because that’s the only choice of the two that actually benefits me.

That’s a specific case, but that’s exactly why I’ve said to allow us to choose specific skills we’ll always want in our builds. It’s not a matter of not wanting to experiment, before anyone gets that impression, it’s that I’ve already experimented a lot and I’ve found specific skills I’m always going to choose. If there are skills that you don’t want auto-selected because you choose them based upon certain circumstances in a match (which is the case for myself as well), you should also be allowed to leave them unselected. I’m not attempting to go against the spirit of choices, far from it, I’m asking for another choice to be given: the option of auto-selection.

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Ive moved your thread to the beta discussion/feedback category.

Have fun.

(OhCoolStoryBruh) #3

Thanks, I wasn’t sure where the proper place for it might be. Sorry about that!

(Emma McKenna) #4

This. This is such a good idea.

I’m not sure how complicated it would be to implement, or how “in-the-spirit” of the game it would or wouldn’t be. But my character of choice is Thorn, I do switch some abilities based on the circumstances, but a large portion of my choices remain the same, again, not because I haven’t experimented, but because I have and I have found abilities which suit my play style the majority of the time.

It would be an excellent addition if you could have auto-selection for certain abilities, but choice for others.

(OhCoolStoryBruh) #5

I feel the same way! Some people didn’t like the idea of being able to do this, but in my view, if it’s all optional then what reason is there to be against it?

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #6

I wouldn’t mind being able to preset my build, that automatically fills in the skills that I assign beforehand.
Maybe that it can be done in the future. Hopefully.

(crysiania) #7

34 wow, how do you get to that rank so quickly?

I assume its pvp related? I doubt I could possibly get to that rank in a efw days from only story mode.

(Watcher on the wall) #8

No need for apologies, friendo.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up :slight_smile:

(robochase6000) #9

auto-set/auto-buy is a bad design trap to fall into. the underlying issue the OP is having is that the choice between the two skills is not interesting enough. fix that before you implement auto-buy

(OhCoolStoryBruh) #10

Yup all PvP, I played the CTT, so I had some experience going in. The story mode is a nice addition, but PvP is where it’s at it for me!

(OhCoolStoryBruh) #11

I thought about this, but I think auto-set is a much easier implementation for a number of reasons. The biggest one being that you’d have to design, play-test, and tweak new Skills for balance (I think Mutations were added in for your specific reasoning, giving players another option without saturating the Helix). You don’t have to do the same for auto-set, all you have to do there is to make sure it functions correctly without any need for heavy play-testing or worrying about balance issues.

I wouldn’t be against adding more skills, but I think the devs did want to keep things simplified.

(Kalizaar) #12

I completely agree. Even if Helix picks were so radically different that it would be a tough decision, there would STILL be a combination that a person would get used to and prefer. Having an auto-pick that you could set, but having the option to still override, seems like win all around.

Similar to choosing the looks. You can change the selection if you want each time you get a new Helix level, otherwise just click X or whatever to pick what you set as your default.

Don’t like using the default? No problem, don’t pay attention to it and read/pick the one you want.

(Infestedchris) #13

I too want to have an option to pre-select the Helix abilities. I know what skills I want for my character. If it is possible to have us select in the main menu the Helix, and when we level up, auto select the skills?


or have loadouts, like, one for pvp and one for pve or a main and an alternative.
you tipically use the same options unless specifically needed (like going for galilea’s sword beams because you know youll fight isic at that level)
also, sometimes you are choosing andsomeone attacks you and you press a button to son and you picked up the wrong option, so itd be a nice option to have a reset helix (imo) even when it costs some shards to do so. even if it’s only the last hélix level and the rest are locked.

(Bluehasia) #15

to all the people saying this is a bad idea, this would in no way affect you since this would be an option to do.

so let us have our request you would not be affected if they added a option to pre select.

(Alcanox) #16

It would be neat if there was some sort of skill loadout option - let the player have a couple user-defined helix paths and before each match ask if he wants to use a skill loadout and if so, which one. Have it unchecked by default as part of the character selection process so anyone who doesn’t explicitly indicate they want to use pre-set skill progression in a given match gets the vanilla behavior.

It was sometimes a bit of a hassle during PVP games to stop and assign skills - that may be part of the design, as I can see how having players juggling helix upgrade opportunities might be a way to provide brief opportunities to opponents. But if that isn’t the logic, I’d really like a skill loadout option, because it would be really useful not to have to decide when is the best time to break off and fiddle with my helix.


Good idea but they should probably put more focus on which abilities people don’t pick and adjust them accordingly. I love the diversity of having skills perform better than the other at different tasks, but sadly, some of those skills are just so vastly inferior to the other that it will not get picked.

But seeing as this would be an option, I don’t see anything wrong with it being implemented.

(Nitpick Rank 100) #18

I can see this implemented with a simple timer.

When you level up, the round helix icon appears at the bottom of the screen. If the user has not pre-selected a skill for this level, nothing is changed. But if they set up a skill to be chosen for this level, a progress bar appears around the icon (like respawn icon), and counts down five seconds. If the helix menu was not opened during these five seconds, then the default is selected, and the level up notification disappears.

This would be the best of both worlds: allowing automatic choice, while keeping the option to override it.

(Xmonkeyfrancoisx) #19

This would be nice. Like!

(The MONTANA!!) #20

It would be kinda nice for that, but it is very satisfying to kill someone while they are picking their helix. I’m not sure how I feel about this, because once you really get to know your character, it shouldn’t be a big issue when choosing. I used thorn throughout most of the CTT and Open Beta, and I can say from experience that once you know your character, and their helix, picking helix choices is already automatic. I pick my choices while fighting someone all the time. If I level up in the middle of the fight, I’ll pick it right then and there.
Also there are lot of variations in helix choices. One that worked great in one fight could become not great in a different one depending on how the other team plays, and what characters are chosen. Since you don’t know what the other team is playing as until after the match begins, you could screw yourself by preselecting your helix.
As an example. The third level in thorns helix has Draw Strength and Burst Propulsion. Draw Strength allows all of her arrows to go through enemies. Burst Propulsion gives her the ability to push herself in the opposite direction she is facing with a melee attack every 2 seconds.
The characters the other team chooses, and the way they play directly affects which one I take. If the other team has a Miko healing a tank, then draw strength is perfect, because I can shoot through the tank directly at the Miko. Makes it much simpler to deal with a Miko. If the other team doesn’t have anyone like that, then I go burst propulsion, because it makes her mobility throughout the maps huge. By level seven with Burst Propulsion and Vault Jumper, then can achieve jumps and heights that Benedict can. Is very helpful for kiting other players as well. I would think it a very poor choice to preselecting your helix without knowing the other teams strengths and weaknesses.