Can we be more honest as fans now?

So during beta and after beta I made threads about Galilea being OP… A lot of people tired to justify galilea being fine and people just needing to learn how to play vs her… obviously these were people that like having a OP character to use in the game…

My question is can we now stop trying to keep OP heroes in the game and be honest because the devs will fix it anyway…

Even if my main hero is OP I will say so because the game being balanced is my important than me being able to own people in PvP with a OP hero… You should bring this philosophy to every competitive game you play…

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To be honest, as a fan myself, this sort of rhetoric really grinds at me.
Reasons? In life things work like this, not by our choice, we adapt, learn, get gooder.
I like Thorn the way she is, and I like G they way she is, but I’d really like to see El Dragon be thicker.
Yes I’m of the other 50% who enjoy each team having a hole card.

Or its simply because they dont agree.

Such as i dont think Gali is op now and i dont even use her. But rather then improve your own game its easier to just ask for it to be made easier in general.


Galilea is OP in my opinion, but not nearly as OP as I’ve seen a lot of people claim. If you know how to play, countering her is fairly straight forward. A little tuning to her ranged attack damage or run speed is needed imo.


Wait ,I just want some clarification…

Are you saying efforts should not be made to balance the game because life is unbalanced, thus implying OP characters are OK?

I’m just curious about what you are trying to say with that rhetoric comments.

Look you can think Galilea isn’t OP as much as you want, but even Gearbox has said that the data shows she needs some re-balancing. Disagreeing at this point is just saying that the developers and 80%+ of the community are wrong.


I mean if u really want to c a very unbalance character look at el dragon 2 hits and your dead it takes all your skills just to kill him

I was one of the people defending her during and after the beta, and I do not use Galilea at all. I didn’t get into the beta until after her nerf, and I really didn’t think she was OP at that point. From what I have seen so far, I have the same opinion of her now as I did in the beta.

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No you shouldn’t be more honest.

You should’ve been honest from the very beginning. :stuck_out_tongue:

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People here definitely oversell things, the reality is, the Galilea that destroys them to the level they describe would have won on another character anyway… the problem with G is that her kit has so many tools above and beyond what other characters get, a default 2 second stun, a silence, pull, completely negates healing, (does anyone else even have this?) attacking while sprinting… any one of these is a good ability, you compile them all onto one character at the same time and you start scratching your head and wondering WTF the devs were thinking…

And she gets most of that very, very early in the game.

To me, anyone who says she’s not OP has obviously not objectively thought about what she’s capable of doing.

Is she undefeatable? No, but in any situation she has a higher chance to wreck you than any other character, when she’s on a team your entire strategy has to shift to dealing with her, and it’s just ridiculous.


Yeah, no… it takes a lot more than two hits with him to kill someone, even if you’re fed… but he does get much, much better when he’s fed (that is his passive)

even with my passive fed, even up in levels, even against a Marquis, you can see it takes me a burst from my ult, and a solid 11 hits for me to kill him…

If you’re getting shredded by an El Dragon then you’re out of position and too close to him. I love the character, but as squishy as he is for a giant target, I rarely play him.

If people that understand there fighting her , shoots the bloob she will die ,and if on other team just stack the aoes. and stun her. she not op , if got right characters and load outs and if afraid of her learn to counter her and silence here so she can not do a damn move entire match . that is how do it . and not complain. it fun to do it to gally .

It better to play against game skill then , devs nerfs. anyday of the week .

You mean that life is unfair? Because THAT is a rhetoric that grinds at people who play videogames to have fun via skill instead of by picking themost OP character in the game.

Videogames don’t need to be like real life. In real life, there are no penguins piloting mecha suits.


That’s not how OP works… if everyone on your team is focusing her, you can beat her does not mean something is not OP.

Overpowered means that when compared to every other character in her role, she’s objectively more powerful… So if you take ANY other melee defender and match them up against her, will she win more often than lose?

Honestly, I won’t believe you have a strong understanding of the game if you were to say she wouldn’t…

Yes, if you have the right situational team, and you focus her down, and you get her in a compromised position and outplay the player on her, you will win, but per that very description, then the gally has made a mistake and should be killed, if she’s in that position, then she’s already lost.

But, if you take two players of equal capability and put one on Gal and one on any other melee character, the gal will win more than lose. THAT is what OP means. She has a solution to every single other character’s base abilities built into her kit, in most cases several, to kill her you have to work together as a team, sure, and you can do it, sure, but who else in this game requires you to always work together as a team just to deal with them?

I just hope they don’t take it to far and bring her from op to super nerfed. Balance yes most def. until then using Ghalt and any other battle born will destroy her with the chain gank stun onto trap stun and constant dps from supporting character. I also lead her into ambushes as Ghalt by making her chase me then through a trap in front of me. She hits it and I turn around and go all double shotgun with fire. She done for

No because one on one or two on won if playing the other melee class , can stun , and silence here till cow come home if you are playing the other melee classes right. and if range class, well if playing that class right it the same , gally not that powerful just the players fighting here not countering right .

but lately people are figuring it out now . to counter gally now days .,

I think that’s a little bit too simplified don’t you think? Winning more often than losing indicates that they aren’t perfectly balanced, but since perfect balance doesn’t and never will actually exist it seems to be an overreaction to immediately categorize her as OP. Hypothetically, if they fight 5 times and she wins 3 of those fights then by your criteria she is OP, but is 3/5 really enough to justify a nerf?

Getting back to the main point of this post and not just gali, is I agree with being more honest.
However firstly as I intend to make my own individual thread about this is as a true fan now i’d like to thank gearbox for the game, and now for their efforts, I know it’s hard doing what they do and they are most likely trying their best so when they hear me whining in the forums it’s not as an douchey critic way, but as a loving fan wishing to make a great game into a legend.

  • Edit: ~holy crap there is alot to read down there, best just read the 1st paragraph above X_X~

Now with that said, and as I mentioned personally i feel people defend their favorites too much, instead of wanting to be part of a team and contribute a role- they just want to have the best kda and brag about i, it’s like the typical CoD syndrome and I really hope it wears off-because in something like lets say paragon or overwatch there is a much heavier influence to depend on teammates and fulfill roles. For example i main Oscar mike, but i feel he is slightly abit too strong, stealth bombing is incredibly hard to counter and his movement speed both in set and with his special item makes him insanely hard to target, he has great AOE, focus damage and can be even long range. His orbital strike melts objectives - oscar mike was the only hero i could do all the PvE missions on advanced on.
People defended ambra pre, and post nerf- and she is still incredibly strong there are only 4 other characters that ever and i mean EVER rival my damage output as oscar mike and ambra is literally the runner up, the next being ISIC, then galil, lastly montanna. Galil needs a nerf it is hurting the game and community badly the game almost needs bans because she can be abused to absurd levels taking you from max to zero in less than 2-3 seconds AKA the time of her stun. Isic is also INCREDIBLY strong, but i wouldn’t say broken maybe his ult needs a tweak but he is definitely kill-able in comparison to Gali.
I’ve said enough but i’d really like to end it with saying the problem really stems from miko, this game is not league you can not easily just target and lock down a character sure people says target miko, but miko has 2 huge movement speed abilities that can boost her speed up to 60% not including what heals or movement speed is in their gear. The ability to constantly heal and not even as an auro is as silly as Ambra’s point and damage ability, it needs a cooldown or some type of tweaked mechanic such as miko having a shield compared to other eldrid that is drained when using her heal- and when miko is damaged it ignores her shield. anyhow the tank healer combo is simply too strong atm, sure it is beatable but it is TOO strong, try killing miko kelvin, or miko montanna, miko galil, or miko isic, or pretty much miko anything likemiko rath, miko ambra… it’s just silly even miko marquis. Miko is an underrated unbalanced character that i used to use in beta with my bro and just made me feel bad using her.

Yeah, it is simplified, but most people don’t understand a more complex answer. And statistically speaking, yes, winning more often than losing indicates that a character is not balanced, how to balance them is the hard part. The devs have ALREADY ADMITTED she is overpowered, I’m not trying to argue that she is, I’m trying to help those who may not understand why she is.

If you disagree, that’s perfectly fine, she still is, and she’s still being nerfed, and I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding about how balance is achieved in video games.

And nobody is talking about 3 out of 5 engagements, why would you ever use that small of a pool? Personally I’ve been in hundreds of brawls with her already, and I assure you the statistics gathered by the game already indicate what I know, that the character is outperforming others in her class. Most characters in a balanced game WILL come out with a close to %50 win ratio, the variances should not be that much, but if after a nerf, the devs have already agreed that she has issues, then I assure you, the data backs this up.

I just firmly believe that if anyone objectively looks at her kit, they should come to the same conclusion, she has more tools in her kit than any other character, they don’t share helix options, so you can stack lots of them, she has abilities no other character has, and in some cases her basic abilities outperform other character’s ults of the same nature (her pull vs Kleese’s ultimate pull for instance) She projects an AOE passive that has more abilities stacked on it than most people get on an active ability, she is one of the few characters in the game with a silence, one of the few with a pull, the only one with a complete healing negating ability, the only one who can sprint while attacking, the only one with an on-by-default 2 second stun (Boldur’s throw only gets a slow and you have to spec into it, every knockback stun is situation dependent) she has ranged attacks, a slow, she heals nearby teamates, she has an ult which heals her and drastically reduces damage taken while making her hard to hit, she has a spin attack already in her combo that lets her hit all surrounding enemies… she does everything you could ever want in this game.

Name an ability on any character which she does not have which is better than what she does have.

If you compare her to the kit of any other character, what you see is more, more, more. She has more options and powerful abilities than any other character, she has more CC options, and she doesn’t suffer any penalty anywhere in her kit for this, she’s not extra squishy, she doesn’t deal low damage to make up for all of the benefits she provides her nearby teammates, she still wrecks damage-wise.

That why they need a competive mode , or esport mode , then those guys can tell if it need balance , just because alot people like need balance is junk , and going destory a character in there game . if they had like 10k matches of the top players like well and the stats show it then it nerf , but many times it not like that . and it will destory a character and more ., down the road.

just because average players like it over power or poor players feel the character over power does not mean it is , one those guys start to stream the counters and stuff. then like holy ■■■■. gally sucks balls before a nerf and then after the nerf , it becomes unplayable.