Can we bring back the weapon wheel?

I miss the weapon wheel from the older games and dont know why they didnt include it here, since we constantly meet enemies of different armor types switching between weapons should be easier than it is now, anyone else agree?

Are you on console ? Do you mean assigning the weapons to the dpad like the previous games and not cyclying through them to select them ?

Im on PS4 and remember that on previous games we could press triangle and a weapon wheel would appear so we wouldnt need to cycle through every 4 weapons until we get the one we need

I get you now yeah, you can have weapons on your dpad you can customise them in the options menu, I hate that triangle option scrolling through weapons, when things get tough you always pick the wrong weapon

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I tried to assign the weapons with the «classic» controlls but then i cant ping or perform any emotes. Would really help if they brought back the old weapon wheel where you could press triangle and a new menu would pop up for choosing a gun. Any way to bring some attention to this?


It would be alot easier alright, you can go into advanced options and manually layout all your button configurations so you could have your emotes back where they were, takes a few tries to get used to, I would never go back to cyclying through with triangle

You can still emote just hold down the button formerly known as start for emote wheel. As for weapon wheel, holding triangle/Y is now alternate fire in classic mode so it’s already assigned

My bad i meant switching between missions and pinging stuff

Yeah I wish there was a way to cycle missions on classic controls. Ping I can live without as I use headset but surely they could use a hold button command for mission cycle and ping.

Yeah I have to select missions manually myself

You can ping from the emote wheel. As for mission switching, classic control removes that shortcut so you’d have to manually switch in menu.

I am pretty sure that you swap weapons more often than missions, I am yet to die from having the wrong quest equipped or not switching emotes quickly enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: