Can we buff Toby's shield health?

Toby. Great character. Took me a bit to really figure him out. I’m just wondering if it would make sense to buff the health of his shield. I mean Toby is a pretty bulky character, and it doesn’t take long before he’s good and vulnerable against a thorn or marquis. It also only blocks projectiles leaving melee characters the ability to rush in. His projectile, though damaging does not have the velocity of those smaller, more nimble, strong-shot characters. I think we could boost the health of that shield to help Toby fill his role against the other characters of the semi-same style.


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He gets a helix to buff his shield right? I think his HP scales pretty well, 2000+ at 10 is better than most get, his deployable wall is there to kind of compensate. And against melees you gotta use your stunning mine and boosters =/

His deployable shield/wall is what I was talking about. His actual shields are fine. I mean he still has the 100% more health to it on the helix, it comes late down the line making the base shield wall not very effective for a solid stent of the match.

Depends. I don’t use Tony’s shield as a shield. I use it to augment my shots so I go to where they don’t shoot at me and I lay waste. If you are sitting in lane and using his sheild as cover I think you have missed a real opportunity. While it is cover it works better as a deplorable boost for you and allies, only a sheild as a defensive measure when running.

As a Ping Wing myself, his shield is not a shield. It is nice, it blocks some damage, but it’s more a buff wall than anything. Getting the 30% move peed buff makes it a booster (instead of the heal side, as the healing side is lackluster for Toby himself,) the 25% enhancer level one makes Toby a turret, increasing its size makes it more viable for firing multiple targets so you don’t have to redeploy, larger blasts, three blasts: the benefits go on beyond shield health. Could it be buffed? Sure, maybe throw on 200 more points or scale it to Toby’s actual shield… but it is not needed. That shield is not a shield.

My bigger gripe with him is his special. It is not useful (I hate the special utterly) BECAUSE of his shield. Pop the shield, charge a few rail guns across the map at the enemy team, and you have effectively done more reliable damage at level one than that special could ever dream of doing at level ten. That shield is a tight, beautiful thing. But it is not a shield.

Problem with the shield is the height you can still hit him behind the shield if the enemy is positioned. The health is really weak, gets taken out really fast. Once the shield goes down his support halts. You place a shield for the buffs but with how fast it gets taken out makes it useless. If you place it too far from the action much better to use the heal station and to place a shield wayy behind the action just for the speed boost is not what it’s used for.

Then I must be playing him wrong?

I have none of those problems. If my shield goes down, I usually can put another up, or I must go back because my team has lost and the melee is able to reach me… or I choose a new place because a Marquis knows I am a stronger threat than him. But never have I ever gone “My shield is gone, I must halt my support.” I still have mines that pull or stun. I still have a special, often enough never used. I even have my primary attack… and generally, I am outperforming and carrying games because of it.

The shield is fine as is, as my counter argument. It is used to boost the speed of Toby’s slow (devastating) projectiles, with other things thrown into it, including enough damage protection to stop a Marquis from braining poor little Toby. To look at it as “only a shield” is to discredit it completely. It is those other reasons I have mentioned as to why the health is so low or it is so small to that shield: otherwise, Toby would be broken to hell. A massive wall that can tank damage up to half a Montana’s health, while granting impeccable bonuses? it’s not practical. A wall with a bit of health, easy enough counters with its size as a limit, while it gives such great buffs to its user? Sounds balanced to me.

The problem is his skill are glitched they dont scale as you level like every elses

I kind of agree. Seems kinda squishy for a mech. Especially one they doesn’t seem to deliver a high amount of DPS.

Make no mistake Toby can definitely lay on the hurt. However that hurt relies heavily on the the drop shield buffs. Thus, this topic to have that skill buffed a bit. I mean the shield even sits still, unlike Rayna’s Overshield which gives you all of your mobility to lay down the pain.

I get what you’re saying. I unlocked him late and have only had two runs with him. Kind of first impression and not lots of character study.

Marqui can blow through the shield in 3 shots, meaning drop hit charge hit fire hit and it’s gone after one railgun shot.

Doesn’t bother me at all though, not when it’s that hard to see through from the back. Honestly it’s a nightmare to pick targets out at range, I’d rather it be more clear from the back of it, at least when aiming through it.

I kind of agree. Seems kinda squishy for a mech. Especially one they doesn’t seem to deliver a high amount of DPS.

Toby does a lot of damage. But he’s a late game damage dealer, when I play him I almost never even activate any gear and use it all for exp because leveling him outshines gear by a mile up until level 9.