Can we ditch this ridiculous random mission queue?

And just have you choose which level you want to play, then queue with other players who chose that same level? It’s taken me literally 45 minutes this morning to finally play one of my last unfinished advanced missions with a public party, and it ended up being a party of 2. Every other game just has every player choose the Heliophage, and while I feel rude for leaving I just don’t have a whole spare hour to spend playing before I get another chance of choosing the level I WANT to play. Kind of ridiculous.


While it sucks if you are looking for a specific mission, it is better for general queueing. Individual queues would take much longer.

You can always solo a specific map if you need it for some reason.

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Queue times are already pretty obscene, what’s an extra 5 minutes if it means you don’t have to sit through loading and cutscenes before having to requeue again? Not about to solo advanced Saboteur or Sentinel either, it’s just not much fun.

I’d be ok with this. I hate doing “The Archive” and “The Experiment” and even “The Heliophage” in advance with a group of 5 randoms. It sucks when

  1. Those missions you hate are the ONLY choices
  2. Nobody wants to do the one you want to do.

I don’t mind the other missions if I knew as a team it would be able to be done, but 9/10 times those missions end up in failure. Especially Heliphage, you know how long that mission can get? Hour+ just to fail it? No thanks.

If/When there is a minimum level requirement implemented for queuing for advance so I don’t have to play with a Level >10 nooblet, then I’ll be ok with doing any missions. I just refuse to waste my time on those 3 missions (and even saboteur, but I don’t mind it as much as long as we clear the first 2/3 bosses which I’m farming).

Why not just simply have the option to random que and the option to que for a specific level? There is no reason they can’t include both.

I really hate having to join groups only to leave right away because I don’t want to play the selected level. It makes me feel like I’m betraying the team. It would be better to have an option to ensure the level is something all five people want to play.

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Same here !!

I honestly do a lot of missions because I don’t feel like “betraying” the team in both PVP & PVE

For example: I’m trying to do Alani & Galilea Lore challenges in PVP. If there is no Ambra on the other team I want to honestly just quit but then people might think bad of me when I only want to do my lore challenge

In PVE kind of the same thing. On Normal people just LOVE to pick The Sentinal and I was on the other day and did The Sentinal 5 times back to back. It got really annoying since I hate that stage as it is already

Then on Advanced everyone wants to pick Heliphage and I already know we are going to lose but I can’t queue up for an Advanced stage that I actually like and want to play. So in the end I stay playing stages I don’t want to play and half-assing them just because I don’t want others to hate on me

This right here. Random queuers can then be placed in selected queues based on active match time. An option to spectate and then join an ongoing match would be awesome too.

The problem then is having enough for a good party if they entered ques individually. The last two times I tried normal heliophage public I only got one other player joining. This was on ps4, which does not have nearly the population trouble th PC has.

why not make it that you can queue for a select map, but you can also list two secondary preferences that notify you when there are other people queuing up.

That way, people who put the same mission as their top priority get automatically pulled into a lobby together, and if nobody joins your top preference, you can see when there are people gathering for your second and third preferences and make the call to join them or wait.


This is the logical step

Gearbox is trying to figure out how to change the queue for Story missions. Cause when the first dlc will be released, what we have now won’t make sense.

Thing is. There are 8 levels, 2 difficulties. That’s 16 possible queues (if they are not region separated). If we add 5 new levels, that’ll be 26 queues. Imagine how long it’ll take to wait for a game to start!!

It has to be something else. A new UI. A new way to find match, but that you can’t join once it starts (cause of scoring).

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It doesn’t matter how short the queue is now if most of the team leaves.

Frankly I’d rather just see a system implemented that allows for people to join a match mid-game. My understanding is that this isn’t really a case since the game scales based on how many players start the mission (even is one or more disconnect shortly afterwards). If that’s the main hold-up - fix it - it’s a piss poor excuse and just scale the mission based on how many people are in now (it would make sense, however, not to de-spawn enemies simply when somebody leaves, but have future spawns be based on current number of players)

Okay, then there’s the leveling thing - since players appear to level at basically the same rate - just auto-level a new player to the lowest level of a starting character. That also accounts for those players that may have picked up a helix upgrade and leveled slightly faster than the rest of the group.

This could also speed up queuing as it would allow folks to drop in as other players drop out

While we’re on it - as a related note. Allow some additional options for private matches. For example, let me set private matches to ‘private’ ‘invite only’ and ‘friends only’ and allow me to invite fiends. I can’t tell you how many times at this point I’ll be 15-20 minutes into a mission when a friend jumps on and invites me to a chat party. Unless I’ve missed something completely, this means I either have to jump out and abandon my current mission or have him wait until I’m done (which depending on where I am in the mission …). It just makes sense (at least to me) to allow me to pause the game, shoot him an invite, and let us continue where I had been.

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I’m not sure if I’ve posted my opinions on queueing on the forums, so forgive me if I have once before:
I’m in favour of a system that takes a top-down approach to queueing. Initially you say that you want to play pve or pvp, and you set your preferences as well, if you have any. you can choose every aspect of the match - hardcore, advanced, etc. etc. Then hit queue. If you have ‘no preferences’ aka random, then you’ll get queued with the first match that needs people. If everyone has a preference, thenthe system groups those players based on the top-down scenario…so for sake of example say two people have exactly the same preferences- they want to play normal algorithm with hardcore off and unique characters off. They would be immediately matched, and the ui would still show those chosen preferences. then, if they have the ‘wait until im ready’ option on, the game would keep searching until both players were ready (for sake of example, player two has it off so it defaults to ready to expand search). when player one hits ‘ready’ because it doesnt find anyone for a while, they can opt to play as is, or get rid of part of their requirements (so a party could split here because one really wants to play that specific condition while the other doesnt care as much.)
It goes up in the requirements tier until everyone is ready to start the match, at which point players vote for those requirements which were quite consciously forgone. ie the players shouldnt drop because they said they were ok with the choice made.

Same for pvp, though the options are different.

This way people just looking to play anything can quite literally jump in while others can wait however long they like to do what they want.

I essentially already do this on the discord server and its probably why i like it so much. I can announce that im lfg anything will do, or lfg pvp, lfg pve, looking to farm a specific level, complete specific lore, or play a specific pvp type.

Then again, I kinda wish online games went back to the way they used to be, where someone made a room, and you could see all the rooms and choose from the list (and sort/filter the list). i know most people let that list influence them too much (could you imagine the pc #s naysayers if we had game lists, the other side being ‘too many’ games listed becomes ‘overwhelming’ for the casual person), but im a person who likes to make decisions, not have them made for me. :slight_smile:

Either method i think is better than what currently exists. Having a random option would at least just get people into the fastest pvp or pve game possible, while the preferences would let people be competitive if they wanted to. WINWIN.