Can we ever get a reason why the Night Hawkin keeps changing projectile count?

Getting real tired of having them drop with a x3 and then logging off for the night, only to return the next day with my Frost Boyo and get bamboozled with it reducing to x1 at 392 on a single projectile…

I have not got one myself but it is something to do with the day/night cycle. It does more damage at night I believe then when it’s day it reduces in damage.

That’s the gimmick of the gun. It changes damage and elemental type, depending on the time of day.

I honestly just think it’s bugged. My buddy and I had multiple Night Hawkins, and we would each see different damage amounts on the guns. While I may see 458 x 1 he would see 458 x 2 for example.

Crossroad won’t let you down. For me Night Hawkin was the absolute ■■■■ , that is until I got a Crossroad.