Can we expect raiding?

Imagine the possibilities of 10 man raiding with epic gear?

This could literally be next-gen, a moba with MMO aspects.

10/10 would love


If matchmaking is included then sure :slight_smile: but if i have to find 10 people and make sure we are all free at the same time then no… i hated that about destiny…

Even if they released ‘Dungeons’ separate from the story to take a good couple of hours with just a team of five would be awesome. as long as it had good puzzle solving and epic battles.


Agreed. I shouldn’t have to use a LFG site to find players.

I’m really hoping they’ll do some end game raid like stuff too. And definitely not just bullet sponge invincibles or really annoying mechanics or with aspects that invalidate the usefulness of many classes/characters. Borderlands 2 had a bunch of problems with their raid bosses. Many of them ended up fun and interesting but I think most made me feel like certain classes were not worth using in those fights, and that many of the fights weren’t worth the trouble due to really annoying mechanics. All that said I really appreciate the idea of raids, dungeons, and challenging situations that put your skills to the test for really good loot. Epic goals to shoot for and all. And I do like how Destiny did their raids, mostly.

At the very least it would be neat to play any of the regular missions at a harder difficulty and/or with modifiers to the rules.


I’m pretty sure iv seen somewhere there will be a way to change the missions difficulty :slight_smile:

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Here you go @Matrixneo42

from this Post in the CTT


Well the difficulty settings have been confirmed by now. There are 2 difficulty settings:

Difficulty also scales on the amount of players in the party. More players is tougher enemies.

Each difficulty setting has a x-amount of (team) respawns. If you there are no respawns left and you (all) die it’s game over. There is a option that you can toggle on or off and that’s Hardcore mode. This sets the (team) respawn counter to zero. Resulting in 2 more difficulties:

Normal Difficulty + Hardcore Mode
Hard Difficulty + Hardcore Mode
This way the game gets more challenging but also more rewarding as the more difficult you set the game, the better the loot/gear you earn.

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Do you know if it will let you revive team members even in Hard + hardcore? As in, someone is downed and dying and then the rest of the team gets X seconds to revive them or they are perma dead?

Also it sounds like that would mean people can’t join mid mission? Because if someone can just join in then the dead player would likely drop and someone would just jump in to replace.

Yes. In fact, it’s essential in Hardcore. You don’t lose a “Life” until the player’s down state timer runs out. So, you REALLY want to revive downed teammates.


That’s good. I love the revive aspect in co-op shooters.

Well that is normal in MMO’s to find skilled players. The average FPS player is only focused on kill, kill, kill oh a piece of KILLLLLL. I’m ok with small “strikes” having match making. But randoms are too random to be relied upon

Probably the biggest reason I’d like to see a “Borderlands MMO” is to bring real raiding to the game series. By real raiding I mean 10 or more players and a need for all of them to coordinate. Everyone needs to know the mechanics of the fight and what to do about them. It would also be good, I think, to have more of an emphasis on role types - tank, healer, support, damage-dealer.

The MMO aspect of such games isn’t about playing with a bunch of strangers as much as it is finding like-minded people to do harder group content with. It’s a process that takes time and effort, but that, to me, makes it all the more rewarding when you succeed. :dukeballs:

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I don’t like how Destiny handles it. Give me a set of checkbox objectives and some proper instructions/rules. Then let me and my team figure out the rest. Destiny skips “proper instructions/rules” part and makes players figure it out on their own. I can see how that appeals to some, but I’d rather not be seeing the whole team die 15 times in a row because the game didn’t provide any sort of idea what or why.

And the game should also provide a way to matchmake you for any activity. Because otherwise we’re just going to use LFG websites to find randoms anyhow. It’s crazy stupid, IMO, to not have a matchmaking option. Bungie almost ruined Destiny for me with odd matchmaking choices. Halo, for example, the coop story should have had coop matchmaking. And the forge mode should have had it too. The only reason Destiny ended up being ok for me is BECAUSE I did go and find someone a bunch of people who tend to be online when I am and are nice enough to join me when I ask. Without that, Destiny was a VERY lonely game for me. So I went straight back to the Borderlands series for a while because there I could use the game to find someone to play. Only went back to Destiny on a whim and then sought out friends.

I don’t like having to use a website or app to aid my console game. Odds are I’ll forget about it when I need to use it, or feel that it will take too long to do it, or that I’ll get killed. I also don’t agree with having to research crap online to play my video game. Or if I do, it better be easily remembered from one day to the next. Like, “go to this map and kill this NPC”. Not… go to this mission. Fight 20 minutes in. Before dude X comes out, do the following obscure things. Then you have a 3 minute timer in which you have to do more obscure things. If you fail then you need to restart that 20 minute mission.

Some minecraft stuff got pretty obscure too. Mostly in the mods.

Dats the point of raiding since forever

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…pffft - I’m doing it solo.

Well I guess I don’t give a ■■■■. Not meant in a mean way. I just think it’s bad game design. At least tell us what we are supposed to do. Don’t tell us strategy or how.

Raiding is meant to be an experience where you develop your knowledge and skills to combat that boss.

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It isn’t “bad game design”, it’s " a game not made for you". :dukehappy:


Just that one part. I otherwise like the raiding in Destiny. Especially when my team and I know what we are supposed to be doing.

But, yeah I get what you’re saying. Some people want that kind of gameplay. But it reminds me of a “bad” puzzle in Myst or Kings Quest or something. Where the clues might be there but nobody has figured it out yet. Sometimes the puzzle is actually bad in that they went too obscure. Or other times it’s just that the puzzle doesn’t click with you. Doesn’t mean that person is stupid.

No, in modern gaming people go onto reddit or youtube and find a way to cheat, and then do it that way for quick and easy loot. Very few people are able to get a good group together who will actually work it out, properly… Basically sums up too much of modern gamers, any way to cheat possible.

If there are RAID like activities in Battleborn, it would be nice to see an in game group finder. After that you make your own groups like in any game. But there has to be an easy way for most casual players to be involved too, or like in Destiny they just give up. There has to be some way of involving all players, or it becomes elitist from the start.