Can we get a buff to the Stauros' Burn?

now that a majority of weapons are preforming well under mayhem 10 can we get increase damage on the Stauros’ Burn? It really doesnt have enough base damage to make use of the combustion buff/ false auto crits. Im sure amara could make use it, but it seems inconsistent on the other VH’s. Correct me if im wrong.

All of the self-combusting CoV AR’s (Pain is Power, Embrace the Pain, Stauros Burn) need a major change to begin with because they are flat-out not usable on high Mayhem. The issue isn’t even that they don’t deal enough damage. If you pair them up with an elemental projector relic they can absolutely shred. The issue is that the self-damage is based on the burn damage on the item card and that’s obviously gonna be higher if you have a high Mayhem variant. Fact of the matter is, as soon as you light yourself on fire, you are basically guaranteed to die within a few seconds because the DoT eats both your shields and your health way too quickly.
They need a change where the self-damage is based on weapon level but not Mayhem level.

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Wouldnt you say that based on the other recent weapon buffs that it shouldn’t have to be paired with a projector to be usable in mayhem 10
? Or is it because its a COV weapon that the good out weights the bad in terms of manufacturer gimick?

It’s damage is still useable without a Projector, that’s just the ideal setup for obvious reasons and Mayhem 10 kind of demands that from any build anyways. The issue is simply that it currently isn’t useable due to the self damage being way too high.

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