Can we get a buff to trash tier legs?

ASMD, Woodblocker, Moloks Bone… maybe snipers in general, but especially those three, so that it won’t be such a letdown to find each drop for the 100th time each.

Either that or change whatever RNG is resulting in those three always dropping like dust on a dusty trail?

The state of sniper rifles would be much easier to address with a massive buff of all snipers and maybe bring the ones that actually work back to reality. After all, there are what 3-4 sniper rifles that actually kill stuff on M10?


True, but those legendaries are bad even by sniper standards.

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Reminder that the Woodblocker actually received a decent buff a few months ago, it just wound up being health-crept by Mayhem 2.0. It isn’t as bad as the Malak’s Bane or ASMD.

I will agree though that there are a lot of pieces of gear needing some love from the buffstick. Tidal Wave for example could be really good if it just didn’t have such a wide spread pattern and the projectiles were about twice as fast.

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Snipers probably need a buff in general, then, as the other bloke stated.
Maybe deal even more crit damage at the cost of decreased hip fire accuracy?

I want a gun named the Buffstick lmao