Can we get a dedicated drop event?

Or better yet just make all dedicated drops 100% permanentely at all times?

Even with guaranteed dedicated drops (ion cannon to name a sample) we still have to farm for:

  • the correct weapon parts that may GREATLY affect the weapon (shotgun part on the Vladov Sickle makes it a BOOM-sickle to name a sample)
  • the correct element
  • the correct anointment
  • the correct fire mode
  • the correct skillpoints (class mods)
  • the correct passive bonuses (class mods)
  • the correct skillpoint_redistribution (class mods)
  • the correct shield passives (+activation anointment)
  • the correct combination of artifact perks


Even with 100% guaranteed dedicated drops there’s still so much rng we still have to farm for ages to get the desired gear.

Right now farming feels utterly pointless. Even if you take a day off and farm all day you will most likely not get what you’re looking for.

So please give us an event that makes dedicated drops be guaranteed for a while

or make them permanent at all times

or increase the dedicated drop rate

or give us the option to re-roll gear using eridium.

JUST DO SOMETHING to make farming feel less pointless. Not everyone’s a Borderlands content creator/streamer who can farm all day/everyday and gets gifted gear by followers.

Normal players want a realistic chance to get perfect gear, too.


Hear! Hear!

Supposedly they are still working on improving dedicated drops, both the rates and diversifying them out to named enemies who currently don’t have dedicated drops. We had hoped that to be part of the “phase 2” fixes that were part of the DLC3 release, but it was delayed.


Ive never had a problem with dedicated gear in any borderlands till this one… Ill kill things like 30 40 tines n not see its loot.

Everythings messed up with being abke to drop world legendarys.

They need to massively clean up the loot pools and everything will work out better. Mobs sith dedicated loot items shouldnt be dropping the whole library of world drops.


I would like a dedicated com area where you can go farm for new coms. Trying to farm for one with the new action skill damage roll is painful right now lol

I don’t want to see any more events until they’ve fixed the major issues in the game.

The drops in the DLC have been nice. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by them.

Adding anointments to the game gave an order of magnitude to the rng. You have more chance winning the lottery than farming for the item you want.

There is also the unwritten rule in borderlands that decreases the likelihood of the drop relative to the desire to get the drop.

Best gear I found was the stuff I wasn’t looking for.


100% true
DAMN true


You guys miss the entire point of this game.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about BL3 is all designed to make you farm MORE.

  1. They have farming events.

  2. They have timed events with dedicated gear to make sure you play those events and farm them as much as possible to get that gear while you can. While the event is running the items are all OP so you have to have them, and then shortly after the event is over the items are nerfed so you have to go farm something else instead.

  3. Three little level increases over 9 months. The only reason to do this is to force you to refarm everything each time they increase the level. That’s 3 required farming periods rather than just one if they had done a single 10 level increase like BL2.

  4. Changing item buffs and nerfs. Each time a bad weapon is made good, and each time a good weapon is made bad, you have to refarm your equipment to adjust for it.

  5. Takedown events with dedicated loot. This forces you to farm the event to get the gear which will be better than pretty much anything from the original game, just to make sure you need to farm it.

  6. Locking items behind Mayhem levels. Already played that? Too bad, go play it again, on the highest Mayhem, 50 times to get that one OP weapon that you really want.

And so on and so on and so on.

The last thing in the world Gearbox is going to do is introduce a setting, option, vending machine, tool, or anything else that’s going to reduce the amount you have to farm when the only reason to play the game is to farm.

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Hmm I thought that a looter shooter is all about farming when I started bl3. Each time I had nearly everything I wanted for my characters borderlands started more and more to get boring.
But then a lvl cap increase came and I was very happy about that, in my opinion GBX did a very good job. Except Mayhem2.0 :smile:

I can’t complain about reframing my gear, I love farming and borderlands is farming. But to get on topic farming has to be rewarding to be funny and atm it’s only in the DLC.
Anywhere else you’ve got the same problems, not the drop chance, the polluted dedicated loot pools and the extrem polluted anoitment pools.
But with the stupid idea of weapon scaling GBX made itself so many issues that they first have to solve, that we will wait for a long time to get that fixed.
See the postponing of the dedicated loot pool spread.