Can we get a "Favorites system like in BL2?

You know how in Borderlands 2 ( and this may also he in BL1) you could mark a gun as Favorite or Junk can we get something like that in Battleborn for not just gear but characters as well.

At a max right now you can get 9 load outs. I tend to have spicific gear comps for each character I am playing so that gose without saying I haft to re arange my loadouts now and then. No big deal though more loadouts would be amazing I am ok with dealing but what happens when you’re looking at your 100+ pieces of gear and trying to remember what gear you used on Thorn 4 days ago when you played her twice :stuck_out_tongue: maddnig right?

I would also love to see the ability to create a favorites list of Battleborn that will appear at top of the character select making it easier to select your character.

These are just a couple of random ideas I had. Please tell me what you all think.


I wouldn’t mind being able to mark gear in my bank as being useful for a particular BB, faction or class.

It seems like one of those things that you would kind of expect them to have Already but like the whole sorting Battleborn by anything other then "alphabetical " it seems to have been set aside in lue of then polishing gameplay and pushing the release date up which I am 100% ok with. I feel like a year from now people will have no idea how different it really was at launch :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggested this for Borderlands 2 and it made it into the game (even using the control scheme I suggested for controller as well). I was thinking of making the suggestion again for Battleborn but never got around to it. I’ve had a lot of distractions lately. I’m glad someone suggested it though.


I’m glad to see the person who helped me control my gun hording addiction in BL2 would like to see this be a function as well :smiley:

This and waaaay more load outs. I have mastered more than 9 char. i have loadouts for each. who do i cut? going into a match I might need any. it sucks