Can we get a few cheers?

This is pretty awesome, and I think we can show some love in this thread.
So if you’re a fan and you believe in this project please chime in.


I’m sorry. What are we cheering for?

More characters can’t be a bad thing, it really is the strength of the game.

I can’t get to my ps4, what’s on the other 2 tabs?

Whilst more content is welcome, I would personally rather see the current issues fixed before adding more to the mix, purely to avoid compounding the issues. But, if I have to play additional content whilst waiting for this to happen, then well I won’t be seeing that as a major problem.

Sorry this isn’t the cheer you were looking for, but that’s the best I can do until I see some actual fixes to problems that are having a negative impact on my enjoyment of the game.

Here ya go



Free heroes and competitive maps/modes plus whatever comes with the season pass? If that’s the case then heres a big:

+9999 CHEER



Also I’m pleased to see there are more non-humans being added.

Maybe I’m weird, but I find non-human characters to be more interesting. At the very least, visually in my opinion.


This is the wrong place if you are looking for appreciation of this game. This board seems to focus more on the negativity than appreciation.


+1 cheer.


Hip, hip, hooray!

+1 cheer

Hip, hip, hooray!

+1 cheer

Hip, hip, hooray!

+1 cheer

There’s three. Huzzah!

+1 actual cheer


What is so wrong with wanting the game to be the best that it can be?

If I wanted to be negative I’d say gearbox are pulling a fast one and giving you additional content for free that should have already been part of the commercial release, but wasn’t because they rushed it out the door.

I don’t PVP so I don’t reckon I have much use for new free maps/modes, but I’m happy those that do will have more ways to enjoy the game. I’m really looking forward to the new Battleborn, though - especially the non-humans. Hopefully they’ll all be balanced well to solo story missions, can’t wait to try. So +1 Cheer here :smile:

Lol coming from one of the more negative posters on the board?

And I agree, but if all that you post comes off on negative, what does that solve?

+1 Cheer

Nyahhhh, the board/forums are a great place to show appreciation, just the wave of new users/BB-players seem to flood it with quiet negative posts since release date… (I can just say: it was different when I joined here last summer)

not-so-much-cheers for the PS4-exclusive-extras, would love some XB1-love. But wtf, it was my bad call to buy that console :slight_smile:

Okay let us examine the 3 characters we know. One is a really sweet looking fish girl that heals. The next is a grenade spamming bird. Finally we have a serpent thing… well fine with me cheers!

So I reread my post above and I genuinely would like to know what is so negative about it.

The simple fact I posted it in this thread maybe, pissing on the OP’s parade? He asked a question, can we get a few cheers? I answered his question, however, I didn’t realise it was a rhetorical question.

Battleborn has yet to do anything deserving of cheers. A vague promise saying theyll release content some unspecified time in the future is worthless as we dont know the quality of the content either. They have not fixed any of the big issues yet either

We all paid for the characters and maps so its nothing to cheer about.

In fact it’s more something to mourn about. By the time we have all 5 the game will be deader than dead.