Can we get a Flakker buff?

With the recent weapon buffs I’d like to see this lovely lady come back. This gun was super fun. Using it to spread dots and proc mod and spam grenades again would be lovely :heart:


pls give it a sticky shooting mode. That’s enough for me.

for now, you can just go and use the new and improved super OP “flakker” from dlc3, the Complex Root

I know there’s alternatives the root and from dlc2 the nothingness but with all the recent buffs to weapons I’d like to see a comeback.

Its good with the 300/90 anointment, but still needs a little bit of love :>

sticking 1 shot yeah lul

A buff if you suicide yourself, that would be awesome :laughing:

I’m loving that suicide potential of that gun

If you have DLC try a Firecracker from DLC2.

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The Flakker definitely deserves a buff. By now it’s basically a classic of the franchise, so it should at least be alright. I think +150% damage should do the trick. It doesn’t need to be buffed by 316% like the Hellwalker was, but a sizable buff would make it a good weapon for Fl4k and Moze at the very least.

But while we’re talking legacy weapons: How about making the Hellfire actually well… burn things? The gun needs a massive improvement on all fronts in my opinion, but if the burn DoT was at least massive the gun would at least be true to its Maliwan origins.

Last but not least: Make the Baby Maker more efficient by consuming less ammo. It’s damage is good enough, but it eats way too much ammo. Just make it consume only 1 clip per throw and the gun would be good to go.

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Came here to say this. Only down side of the Firecracker is that it doesn’t come anointed, but it really doesn’t need it.

The firecracker is fun as is the root. I just have a preference for torque weapons, and fond memory’s of the flakker specifically

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I suppose with the 300/90 and the way fitsd works currently you can get some mileage out of it

Agreed, the Flakker needs a buff. In fact all Torgue weapons could use some love.

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My real thought is that with the current state of the game and the newer weapons that preform so well I’d like to see the previous nerfs get walked back

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Agreed, but i’m not sure if 150% is enough. It’s so hard to tell with that gun. I’ve not tried hellwalker since the buff, so i’m not sure how it performs in actual combat, but i did some comparisons out of curiosity with other shotguns i’d like to see buffed. Heartbreaker were one of them, and to almost match hellwalker on average dps it would need a 450% damage buff. That seems pretty crazy to me.

Again, not tried hellwalker but lets pretend that it’s the targeted goal for flakker to match. It’s a one shot aswell, but slower reload and what feels like the least accurate gun in the game, it would need a considerable boost to make it worthwhile. Lob level treatment.

Yeah, i always envisioned hellfire to be a low base damage/massive DoT damage gun. But i don’t ever see that happening. It has so much stacked against it. DoT isn’t a thing in most cases in this game and since it’s locked to incendiary, it already has a disdvantage on the majority of enemies due to shields and armor. But boy, do i wish hellfire were a thing, imagine what crazy things 500% element nova on crit would do.

The Flakker is weird to powerscale but an experienced player that knows where and how to use it gets a good bit out of it already, but it’s still not good enough to be appealing. 150% would be enough to make it work even without optimal play as long as the player doesn’t completely misuse the gun. It’s skill-based nature should remain, which is why I wouldn’t buff it as much as the Hellwalker. At that point it’s enough to land a fifth of the pellets to kill a regular enemy, which you can almost always do. But even if Gearbox buffed it by 300% I wouldn’t complain. I mean the gun gets riskier and riskier the more powerful it gets, so if would balance itself out.

But after thinking about it for a few hours I came to the conclusion that the Nothingness should get a buff alongside the Flakker. Not to such a degree as it’s already a much better gun, but a +50% buff would make it a great gun for all Vault Hunters, where the Flakker is still best used by Moze and Fl4k.

The Hellfire this time around isn’t even a Maliwan gun this time, but yeah, it should at least behave like one. Also, I have to agree on the DoT damage on Maliwan guns. It was lowered before the game released. I would love to know by how much, but either way I think that even regular Maliwan guns should at least have twice the DoT damage other weapons have.

For green moze it’s excelent (you could shoot contiunesly every boss)

Yes I’ve been playing around with it using different set ups I feel like it can be made to work I’m just comparing it to current top meta weapons and feel like they could reverse the mag size back to what it was prior to the nerf it got early on. The damage it does isn’t game breaking when compare to what we have now. And with how easy it is to down your self, (which is obviously a given from time to time playing move set up for splash but still) I feel like it could do with some sort of buff, the damage it’s self maybe is fine I ran a slaughter shaft with an incendiary one the other night just and did fine but I wonder how much of the work was being done by fitsd rather than the gun it’s self.