Can we get a heavy armored, heavy gunner woman?

I appreciate the reply,and I really do thank you for taking it into consideration!

I like Reyna’s looks, and style, and I really do look forward to being proven wrong about her being a frail supporter, but it’s not looking good.
Her health is 2/5 IIRC. She has limited ability to make herself more durable, and has way more focus on supporting others by making other people more durable.
I haven’t known laser pistols in general to be particularly powerful, and from looking at gameplay vids, they aren’t.
Her plasma attack seems more utility than not, and her priority target seems like a debuff more than anything. Support abilities that people with higher stats can take better advantage of than herself. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. Different styles for different people.

I’m sure she’ll be a success, but her abilities seem to lend far more to being behind the front lines supporting the people out front who have superior combat effectiveness while her own ventures to the front lines looking more suicidal than not.
Fighting alone looks like it’ll hamper her immensely because she doesn’t seem like she’s very geared towards it since most of her abilities benefit someone else.

That’s just my assessment.

Reyna is by no means weak. Not by a long shot.

If I get proven wrong, I get proven wrong, but I have my doubts she’ll last long when people start shooting at her over the people she’s boosting the shields of in order to make her allies easier targets.

I’ve been in the position way too often of playing support for people that didn’t look out for me at all, and she seems like a prime candidate for being blown to bits quickly when in that position.

I can’t particularly take you just at your word. If you could expand on your point, I’m pretty open minded.

As long as you stick with at least one other teammate then Reyna can be quite strong. With her shield ability she has excellent survivability provided you have someone to cast shields on. Plus her skill to mark enemies makes her dangerous on the offensive side of things. I’ve been able to mark someone and bring them down without help from teammates once I have her powered up enough.

I’ve played her both offensively and defensively. She works well with either setup. Even better if you can find her one of the perks for your gearbox that allows her to pause the regen of enemy shields for several seconds after damaging them.

I actually prefer to play her offensively and just go down the right side of the helix tree. It works quite well as is. You can play around with it if you like and try other things. I did. At any rate she’s a well rounded character that works in any situation so long as you have an ally nearby to give shields to. That’s probably her only weakness. That and getting caught facing groups without proper backup. She’s not a tank, but she’s not frail either (unless your teammate disappears on you without you knowing and you find yourself alone against 2 or more enemies).

That sounds super worrying. How long until she’s “powered up enough” to kill someone on her own?

I know she’s not a tank, but if she has to travel with an escort to just to survive and get kills, well, that’s even worse, IMO.
It’ll severely limit her effectiveness to people that can coordinate, and stick together which isn’t very likely for people that aren’t on the same page. A lot of pickup games aren’t going to work for her, IMO.

the assignment for designing Reyna was to put some meat on her, as Scott Kester (Art Director) mentioned in Battleborn Panel (49:30).

Yes, Reyna seems like the support character, but her passive ability makes her strong. By helping others by giving out shield boosters you help yourself (if shield booster doesn’t reach someone you still get one). A lot of skills tie in with the shield booster. Reyna has 2 ways to attack a laser pistol for normal damage, and the blaster for dealing increased damage against shield. The blaster can overheat, so the development team doesn’t like you to use it a lot, meaning it deals a big punch. One of the skills in Reyna’s Helix is that the Blaster can’t overheat while using shield booster :wink: Adding a Priority Target on top of this was actually OP in the CTT.

I did some speculation on Empress Lenore, i thought she would have been the fifth Jennerit Hero. But the unannounced hero i linked to this turned out to be Deande. This made me rethink about who Empress Lenore is, and most princesses are your slim type. But hey this is Gearbox they did Ellie in Borderlands 2, so i was kinda expecting them to do such a thing, instead we got Attikus as 5th Jennerit.

I’d guess around level 5 she starts becoming dangerous depending on the abilities you select. Even more so with the abilities you get for levels 6-9. The slow at level 3 also seems to really piss off a lot of players when it is used against them as well.

Also, most pickup games are doomed to fail anyway. If you have 5 good players on a team then they should be good enough to communicate with one another and coordinate their efforts. If you have 5 players who can’t communicate then they probably aren’t good players. And if you find yourself stuck on a team full of poor players you’re probably going to do poorly. Even then I found as long as I stuck to at least one person I could still do well enough. I only ran into problems when I screwed up because I didn’t pay enough attention to where my teammate was and didn’t move with them.

I think the only thing I was really disappointed with when playing her was that she wasn’t as effective against minions as most of the other characters. Anyway, sure, she has her limitations but I think her strengths more than make up for them.

[quote=“MentalMars, post:8, topic:1254458”][/quote]
A character’s figure isn’t really a high priority for me. It’s more what they can do, and what the women of the roster seem to do is be glass canons, or support characters at best, and generally run in a very stereotypical set of roles. It’s a trend in games in general I just don’t like because I’ve seen it so often, and it gets frustrating as someone that prefers playing as female characters.

Frankly Reyna reads like someone that just can’t solo worth a dang as it doesn’t seem like she’s durable enough, or deadly enough to take down much of anyone until, apparently, level 5 without help.
Honestly, even if she’s with someone, she sounds like she needs their support just to survive for a while. Having weak killing ability, being a huge target, and reliant on other to provide support just sounds like a recipe for disaster, and a lot of deaths unless you’re in a tight group which isn’t always possible.

[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:9, topic:1254458”][/quote]

Geez. What she’s built for is sounding farther, and farther from what I’d be compatible with.

I just don’t get into clans, or some solid group that meets up regularly. Pickup games are about all I’m going to do, and it sounds like that style of play is going to be her worst enemy.

I don’t see myself being successful with her all things considered. Doesn’t mean I won’t try, mind you.

All in all, I gotta wonder how good she’ll be in the single player campaign.

Reyna probably isn’t the kind of character you are looking for. I never said she was. I was just saying that she’s not weak. And she can kill other players fine before level 5. I’m just saying that’s when she starts to become a threat that makes others take notice. At level 10 I can easily take out all 5 enemies in short order provided I take them on 1 or 2 at a time and provided that the entire other team isn’t stacked with players as skilled as I am or greater. At any rate, try her and see how she plays for yourself.

As for female characters that are more tanky, you’re probably going to have to put in a request for one, which is pretty much what this thread is. Then again, there are still 5 characters that have yet to be revealed so perhaps you’ll be in luck and find one already on the roster.

Edit: She does just fine in the single player campaign. I had no trouble player her with a team or solo in the story mode. It’s actually easier to survive solo as you don’t need any teammates present to use the shield. That allows you to survive until she gets her damage boosted by selecting the right abilities on her helix tree. That or you can just boost her survivability by taking other abilities. Either way she performs just fine.

I know, and I’m not mad at ya, or blaming you, or anything like that. I’m just a little deflated that Reyna might not be a good option for me.
Time will tell, though!

Yep. You can’t really know until you get your hands on each of the characters. I thought Miko would be a good fit for me, but to date I sort of flounder with them. I thought I’d also be great with Phoebe, and while I do okay in the story mode I fail with her in versus.

Reyna’s personality still has to shine through, she is the leader of the Rogue so she is a badass. But i see what you mean by woman being portrait as weak or support role.

Deande seems to be a strong character but she is an assassin and will be a bit hit&run gameplay i think.
Phoebe & Mellka also got the ‘assassin’ description
Galilea seems to have a bit more health. I think she is more Versatile and a Disruptor

But i haven’t seen a female version of Montana

A fat princess?!? Barbarians! Who would allow such thing?

Oh boy, that would be funny as hell.

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I heard of that game a few weeks ago, but didn’t think someone might know it ^^

Fat princess is one of my favorite games! Seriously hilarious. At least the original is, can’t say about the new one

And Melka is a quite badass.

Well, while we’re chewin the ‘stereotype’ bone. What about some more sensitive frail male types eh? Sure we’ve got Marquis, but that’s about it for less than macho aggressive male types. What about a Gay guy, with a buffed face scratch skill? If he gets set on by the bad boys & girls, he could go into Hysteria mode, with boosted run speed. Instead of just building turrets & boost towers, he could have an extra ‘decorating’ skill, maybe throw some scatter cushions to slow melee enemies? Perhaps an empathetic hug skill, to boost other players self esteem? Just a thought, if we’re gonna go into the whole ‘stereotyping’ thing. :slightly_smiling:

I have no idea if any of the characters in Battleborn are in any way LGBT. Lots of diversity in other areas but I haven’t seen any indication that any of the characters were anything but cisgendered and straight. If there was it wasn’t obvious enough or I missed it.

(Might seems rude, but not intended. Sorry in advance if it does:)

That’s a funny statement:
“I have no proof they are gay, so they must be straight.”
I could answer with:
“I have no proof they are straight, so they must be gay.”
If you see what i mean.

And gay is not an act or speech. Peoples don’t “look” or “sound” gay (Or straight… or bi, or whatever) It’s not a behaviour.
What you are probably thinking of is “Manly” or “Girly”. Not Straight or Gay.

Also, it doesn’t matter anyway.

/Whiteknight 0

And i don’t think we need a heavy gunner woman, we already got the heavy gunner covered so that would make a double. And as for heavy armoured we got Galilea now.
But a more muscular woman than we have so far, yeah maybe.