Can we get a map maker?

Let’s be honest for a second here. BB is still a blast but I can only play the same 6 maps for so long. And I will be supprised if there are more than 4 new maps and a new mode of play per DLC. (Really hope deathmatch is not comeing, we have capture) If there was a community tool like a few other games have done to make a UI that’s friendly for makeing maps. The style of the game I feel really bring together a great community. I know it could be VERY far off. But it would be grand.


3 new maps coming in July: No dlc needed. But if you have dlc a fourth map, a story mission (“operation”) too. I believe the new mode is in between meltdown and incursion, whatever that means, but far off from tdm.

But considering hero abilities and the map balancing to accommodate all heroes, I find it doubtful and am against player created map tools.

And what are you getting sick of? What elements of the map tire you? Because your feedback is the tool to edit the map.

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I would not say I’m getting sick of the selection. It’s just time for some more. And there are quite a few games that have player made content that are amazing. Even keeping things in mind like balance and pace. You don’t have to be a game designer to make a map. Most community made maps have a up vote system. Halo has Forge mode that was made better by the devs when people started useing spawn timers to layer objects and make the float. Now they just phase. And then there’s a snap system in fallout4 to make your settlements. I’m not saying BB needs it to survive. But it can only elevate the game more for competitive play.

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If star craft can use player made maps, with how competitive that game is, I’m sure bb could use 1 in 100 ish. I mean why not? Plus I just love map editor’s.

There is a huge difference between 2D/isometric maps for an overhead strategy game and fully 3D maps for an FPS.

to be fair, udk is fairly easy to build maps in, especially when the devs provide the assets. now, gearbox may not want to make a map builder of their version of udk. thats probably opening up the game too much for their comfort level, and/or they never planned to build such a program and its simply not in their budget.

i wouldnt oppose it in any way though, ark: survival evolved got a much bigger, better optimized map out of such a feature. battleborn could benefit from such a feature, but would the financiers greenlight something that risky?

Those maps need to be made perfect for three very different races that have completely different play styles. They’re tuned to the very half seconds it takes to create units/structures so that no team can have an unfair advantage.
Don’t get me wrong, I get why “2D” game would be simpler, in theory. But the actuality is that since this game already has so much variety, it actually balances itself in a way.