Can we get a pack that's just for Taunts & Skins?

Thorn and Mellka are the characters I main and I’ve got basically all the Eldritch gear I need and buying Eldritch packs only nets me gear I sell. I’ve yet to get a Thorn or Mellka taunt yet. I’d also glady pay like 10,000 credits to buy certain cosmetic things.


That actually sounds like a fair price. I have every taunt and pack skin for Reyna… Before I even had played her. Yet I only got one for Shayne, Toby… The ones I actually use.

Where is the surprise with that ? It’s a pleasure when you open a pack and you saw they are a skin, and moreover a taunt. And all the factions pack become useless with a special Taunts & Skins packs.

I understand how it’s frustrating to spend a lot of credit and don’t have what you expect but I don’t think it’s a good idea. What about a lucky pack instead of ? Chance to earn taunt and skin but you can also have gears or amount of credit.

I’d really appreciate having an alternate path to earning taunts (and skins, I guess, though I’m less fussed about them.) I’m also in the situation of having all the gear I really need while lacking taunts for my preferred characters. That said, if there was a skin/taunt pack, it’d have to be quite overpriced, as those are the incentive for buying faction packs in the first place.

Meanwhile, my determination to get Mellka’s adorable Gunslinger taunt means I’m drowning in -shield +health gear :wink:

Could not agree more. I mainly focus on the Rouge packs so I can get every taunt and skin for Orendi, but all I seem to be getting is Renya and Tobys. Would be nice to narrow it down

after over 200 hours played I have all the gear I could ever want (minus some of the pve ones I have yet to get, still trying though). There is zero reason for me to buy any packs at the moment because I have pretty much everything I want. The only reason I would buy faction packs at the moment would be to try for skins/taunts but the drop rate is ridiculously low.

I;m all for one pack being a Skin/taunt pack. You get one item and its for all characters. So you have a 1/26 chance of getting a skin OR a taunt (not both) is fine with me. Make it something like 5-10k credits each pack. I would buy a ton of those. Right now I’m sitting on over 70k credits because I have nothing to buy at the moment so I’m just saving up for when T2 skins drop.

Well I wouldn’t mind them leaving the packs the way they are now, except that they need to change how the drop rates work. Currently I’m about 99% sure that every time you get a skin or taunt, that particular skin/taunt gets replaced by credits in the loot pool. So this means that those last few skins&taunts you’re missing? literally the biggest piece of rng in the game. Probably the same chance of getting a legendary drop from PvE… God I hate the fact that I want all of pheobe’s stuff. If they added this loot pack in It would probably work the same way(replaces skins/taunts you already have with credits) but I guess it’d be easier to get them.

I find all unlockables in any shooter or competitive game useless. I play a game for gameplay and nothing else, I don’t need lame Skinner box techniques to keep me playing. I didn’t play Borderlands for loot for example. And, I’m done with buying Eldritch packs so now I have 0 chance of getting a taunt of one of my favorite characters.