Can we get a patch and hotfix testing team?

Before a hotfix or patch is released, can we require a subset of gamers to test these first before it goes to the public?

For starters, let’s take advantage of our YT streamers. They are probably most vocal (stream-wise) about the game. So when things go bad, we can slap these guys for approving them (joke).

Or maybe some of our hardcore players in this forum and mix with some casuals.

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They could set up a Test server similar to what Diablo does where players can test a patch that hasn’t been released yet.

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Probably PC guys will have easier way to test via that process. It’s better than nothing

Right, it would be PC only.

Borderlands games haven’t ever been run from servers. They are locally hosted. A test group of some kind would have to download whole betas separately, I believe.

Ahhh, OK. This is my first BL game so I’m not familiar with how they’re run.

give PC the option to opt into beta test…

it has been a thing on steam for god knows how long…

ok, it singles out PC users but if that means actualy BETA testing future patches BEFORE they roll out, i don’t think console players would mind not being able to test this…

also, they have the tools to test their crap… but clearly don’t… (most of the patches have so many OBVIOUS bugs it would be better to NOT release the patch in the current state…) all they are doing now is throwing ■■■■ at the wall to see what sticks…

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At least they took MAYHEM 2.0 literally – a true Mayhem of bugs

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We are the patch and hotfix testing team, we test it live lol

Jokes aside

I believe they get early access to DLCs, that’s what I heard from the last DLC. If they also had access to patches it would be a match made in heaven, they get plenty of time to test and get material for new content, and gearbox gets bug reports and feedback. This would benefit everyone.