Can we get a patch to fix the repeat Legendaries issue?

I know I’m not the only one moaning about this, but the repeat Legendaries are really killing it for me. Every time I check my piles I end up sighing in disgust. Same 6 or 7 Legendaries all day long. What gives? And I’m trying everywhere. World Drops are just awful. Please GBX, can we get a Patch? Sooner than later???

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Gearbox only seem to make things worse with every patch they apply. Asking for a patch to repair their last patch just seems counterproductive to improving anything in this game.
At this point, I’m doubtful Gearbox can or even want improve the game.

Their has to be a way (hoping anyway) to just fix it so the same 6 or 7 Legendary guns don’t drop all the time. Unless this really is how they want the game to behave. I doubt the Player Base are going to enthusiastically continue to Farm and Grind if this issue does in fact continue unaddressed. All it does is disgust me. I love Borderlands. I should want to play the entire game over with every character. Like I have with the first 2 (not so much with The Pre-Sequel). I just feel like giving BL3 a rest at this point. I can see many players feeling the same way. :roll_eyes: