[?] Can we get a pinned, known issues thread?


  1. Steam achievements are not working (stopped in May)
  2. 300\90 Anointed effect IS working as intended (Disregard, thanks Angel)
  3. UI improvements (were the opposite of improvements?)
  4. Vehicle save slots not saving (my slot 3 works, but 1 & 2 do not)
  5. El Dragon Jr - NO drops! (same on PS4?)


  1. Lack of actual co-op browser & co-op quality = lackluster & subpar co-op performance for many
  2. UI slow & distracting (still gear refreshes on a single scroll)

Updated: 15-06-2020 (# 5)


Well 300/90 IS working as intended now.

:white_medium_small_square: = 100k

Here is an example for triple bars enemies:

Shield :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square:
Armor :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square:
Health :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square:

Total = 1m

So 300/90 is going to work ONLY for first 10% of enemy TOTAL health.

In this case it would do more damage for the first half of enemy shield but when You reach 89% of enemy TOTAL health it will stop working.


I completely agree with the original poster.

I would love to know if they even know about the achievement problem.

Is any response to that?

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Thank you, updated first post


I have a ton of small pickings not worth making a thread over, id love to see that.

This would be a good thing.
Would cut down on the number of threads, and maybe, just maybe, the devs would have a single point of reference to look at and try to fix some of these things.

I know since M2.0 dropped, vehicle saves have not worked.
Every time you jump in a vehicle, no matter how you left it last time, it is completely defaulted and you have to reselect every item and paint job.

Have seen no mention of this by the devs.
Yet another “perceived” issue …


Not a problem.

Back to the topic, I would Love to see all the ongoing problems that are confirmed and worked on.


Vehicle save slots - added, thanks forgot about that one and it was def before the June 11th update. So either before or right after the Mayhem 2.0 update (sorry nitpicking on the time frame)

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Right, and then share them with tech support. It’s like there’s this huge wall between 2K support & GBX devs.


Freezes and crashes. Mostly involving mayhem modifiers, elemental damage numbers, and connection problems.

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