Can we get a player report button?

I’ve had multiple griefing episodes now where the person was intentionally feeding the other team (confirmed through headset speak). Yet beyond the forum or messaging the player there doesn’t seem to be any recourse.

Would a report system benefit this community? I’m not sure. But I think it would help a bit.

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I’d report those who use the surrender option.


Being able to report idling players would be awesome too. I have had that about half the time I have played in PvP in various maps.

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mostly this people, games that are 4vs5 or 3vs5 are really boring for the two teams.

About the only time I’d use it would be for those folks who base sit. I had four games last night where one of our members just sat at base for no reason. We lost two of the four because of the sudden 5 v 4. Wish we had a way to flag them or something.

If we are ahead or getting crushed I care less but when a match is basically dead even?

Every game right now is not ranked. They may have a part in determining rank, but it’s up to how the player’s want or do not want to play right now.

Report them on your respective platform. On XBL its easy, just go to gamercard and report…