Can we get a single queue 'Quick Match' already?

Pretty certain most of us would play anything at this point if I meant actually being able to play.


From what I can tell, PC, and certain timezones are having problems with matchmaking, but in on pacific time, and ps4. I never wait more than 3-4 minutes.

Also, quickplay, isn’t exactly a good idea given the style of gameplay. Quickplay or Quick match is usually used in games with shorter matches, yeah?

Quick match as in quickly find me a match to play.

I honestly don’t care what I play as long as I get to run around and kill things.

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I too would like this. I don’t care what mode, just get me in as quick as possible in a versus match. Right now I’m ps4 and we cannot find a team to fight against. We get allies but it stalls for 10 minutes finding enemy teams. ■■■■■■■■ stuff.

I know something of that nature has been discussed internally. Last I heard (weeks ago) they were exploring what might be possible.

I think such a system should include strong incentives to complete matches, ideally in the form of credits.

There are many many existing topics about Matchmaking, please continue your discussion in one of these topics to keep all things together. Thanks!

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