Can we get a sniper rebalance yet?

Everything here is based on the assumption you are playing on mayhem 10 at lvl 60.

List of Good Always Applicable Snipers:

  • Krakatoa
  • Sandhawk

List of Garbage Snipers You would never choose over the above or pretty much any other weapon in the game:

  • Literally any other sniper in the game.

99% of all the snipers that some poor soul poored their heart into is literally never used because they do such a tiny amount of damage that they don’t even begin to approach a fraction of the DPS of something like the hell shock. Hell most of them do less than a 3rd of the damage fired by a single shot from the hell shock. Honestly, what the hell. Snipers have always been mediocre to bad in BL3 but now they are just a joke with only the Krakatoa and the Sandhawk even being worth considering. Please, snipers need a rebalance, and they need it now. Hell make it the next event. “BL3, now with sniper rifles”.

I think its pretty clear that GB only wants us using the new DLC weapons only.

Haven’t you noticed yet that the very few good weapons are nerfed right before new dlc’s are released?

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Remember when the Diamondback was a good sniper? Pepperidge farm remembers.

Common GBX, give us a legendary variant of the Diamondback that shoots railgun rounds, like IB has.

There were 2 new snipers introduced with the new dlc3; Root and Narp.

From what I hear, the Root is disgustingly good but being a Maliwan, it has a charge time that ruins my accuracy. So, my experience with the Root was just meh … probobly because of distance and lack of accuracy due to the charge time. I haven’t spent any time trying to learn its quirks yet.

I haven’t even bothered getting a Narp yet because I’m still trying to get a SNTNL Cryo flipper …