Can we get a tease of what's to come?

While the massive stream was AMAZING in preparing us for the winter update, I’d love to see this even a step further and give us an idea of the character balance changes. Since the update is now out of your hands and being looked at by Xbox/PS4 for an indeterminable amount of time, this might help tide us over.

Even without firm numbers, just some info about caldarius’ (unexpected but welcomed) balance changes and orendi’s strongly discussed helix rework would be appreciated!


I really think we’ll have patch notes with the next Battleplan. I am prepared to be optimistic about this!

I’m not optimistic about my ability to stay optimistic, but hey, one step at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:


“What’s to come?” … well since the DLC is basically done and if TPS is anything to go by then probably bitter disappointment.

Bored, Boomshanka? People aren’t making enough topics about BL3?


And if Gearbox by some chance don’t deliver bitter disappointment, then I’m sure forum doomsayers can ferment some for us anyway!


…But anyway, I’d love to hear more about the patch. Maybe tomorrow!

I believe they are going to give us Statistics on Maps and Play modes, Hopefully Character stats, Shard Collection stats etc. As an end of the year wrap up. AND say they are going on vacation see ya in January with New DLC and Beatrix.

I just want the patch notes. I don’t even need the patch right now, just the notes. And there’s no reason for them not to give them to us on Thursday, so here’s to hoping

Infografic with all the stats would be apreciated

As much as I’d love for the complete patch notes to be shown tomorrow along with a release date for the patch; I doubt we’d get that.

They won’t release the notes until Microsoft and Sony approve the Patch, so unless that already happened, I doubt we will see anything concrete. I hope I’m wrong.

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