Can we get a title for killing sprees please?

I just got 25 kills in a row without death and i think it would be cool to make a title for different killing sprees you get. maybe 5, 10, 15 , 25 ?

or no?

i notice u can get titles for eanring triple kills and quad kills but none for getting nice killing sprees?

I agree, we have Worthy of Song for 25 kills but none for a kill streak.

Not that I want to promote a K:D style gameplay, but sometimes you do go on a big streak and earn no reward.

How about a title for destroying 80 minions in a match 10 times, or destroying 100 in a match or something?


We also need one for 50 assists…


25 might be a bit steep of a requirement for a title, especially considering worthy of song is hard enough.

Capped at 15 though? Sounds good to me.

“Streaker” sounds like a fun title :slight_smile:


What about titles for amount of healing in a match as well? Titles for the number of shards collected? The number of buildables built (as a whole and also for each type)? For the amount of damage taken? For the amount of damage dealt? Titles for the number of times you have killed x character. Titles for the number of times you have been killed by x character. Titles for the number of times you have cuddled Toby (revived Toby during story). Like seriously. Titles for everything!


Agreed. How much do you reckon? 120k?

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Actually the titles in this game aren’t very elaborate, they mainly concentrate on the BB’s and Factions.

And as the suggestions go in the thread, I agree there is plenty of room for giving players credit due for the different styles of play and input to the team effort. Healing, CC’s, Killing Sprees, Minion Crushing, could be lots.

After all, getting a LOT of kills does deserve some reward, particularly if your helping the team in their goal. I had an 18-0 game once in Incursion, but at the same time I was holding them back, taking down sentries, turrets etc. Some kinda title would be nice.

While we’re at it, can we have a title for dying 30 times in the match, getting only two kills and having 20+ assists while consistently coming last at the end of every match?

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That’s a pretty important one. Some players simply do not build because they’re saving up for their expensive gear while others build everything to level up quickly. Buildables can turn games, I think at least a title for erratic building sounds great. The titles for building in general don’t mean much more than you’ve played a lot of games.

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How do you even die 30 times?

If there was a title for it, people would do it :slight_smile:

some people love farming titles and achievements.

therefore… more titltes and achieves = longevity <3

I personally haven’t died that many times… yet, but I know some of these days I’m going to. :cold_sweat:

@Jythri - Some great ideas here!

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Nice to see some activity from different GBX heads.

We as the players do take note of others titles, so it helps to see what kind of people your about to start game with - or against…

If your saw your Mico player with a title (Florence Nightingale) you’d be like: "Ah, good healer"
If you saw a Montana with the title (Lead Farmer) you’d be aware he had a massive kill streak potential

Titles, we love em :sparkling_heart:

  • Healing an ally that’s at 20% (or less) to 50% or more, X amount of times, could also be a title.
  • Titles for using the various CC effects (Knocked up, stun, slow), X amount of times
  • Getting a long range kill (enemy battleborn killed from X distance away), Y amount of times

Had to necro this thread as to date there is no totally excellent new titles appeared. Surely this would be an easy yet valuable add to the game? I’m sure a lot of players take pride in their titles if hard earned. Just a thought.

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I created a ticket for Design to have a look at the suggestions here when they have some down time. Thanks for the ping!

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