Can we get a way to increase the difficulty?

TVHM isn’t hard. I’m not asking for a UVHM. I’m just asking for some way of increasing the difficulty. Something akin to OP levels. Mayhem 4 before Mayhem 2.0 was pretty challenging if you used the more balanced gear. But unfortunately Mayhem 4, like it was before Mayhem 2.0, was removed, and there was nothing to replace it.

The Mayhem levels does make the game more difficult, but it also changes the game play into something Borderlands has never been about. It’s more of a wacky arcade mode than serious proper difficulty levels.


my last post about that pretty escalated
good luck tho xD

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You can always nerf yourself if you want a challenge. Pick a non-annoying Mayhem level with a few modifiers, then just limit yourself to common and uncommon gear. Maybe limit how you spend your points, what COMs you use, etc. You can do a lot to make the game more challenging for yourself.

But I can’t promise it’ll be more fun. :wink:

“Increase in difficulty”? yes “Something akin to OP levels”? no

You don’t need to fill the game with bullet sponges to make things more difficult.

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sure, what about also playing with 1 hand, blindfolded and 7 cats on your keyboard?
or the devs just hold what they promised with “■■■■■ gonna be real”

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I’m with you OP. I was hoping 2.0 would move away from the modifier thing they leaned heavily on with the original M1-M3. Instead, we got more of the old M1-M3 and less of the old M4.

I see people saying it shouldn’t be like OP levels or just inflated stats so this is better but the truth is that’s a false choice. They could have increased difficulty in lots of ways that don’t over-inflate stats and also don’t use stupid modifiers that artificially make the game hard by nullifying/weakening guns/builds.

They should have made fewer mayhem levels and had them scale up in more creative ways like adding more enemies and giving enemies a % chance to spawn harder enemies on death with better loot and then those enemies have a % chance to spawn some mini-boss with maybe unique loot. Each mayhem level could modestly increase enemy health/shield/armor and the % chance for harder enemies to spawn. Then also adjust ammo drop rate so people don’t run out of ammo.

That would have been far more fun and more inline with what BL is about than these silly big head modifiers or immunity to elements or just straight up damage reduction. The modifiers they settled on are just not that interesting or fun IMO.


I’d call a death skull chasing you after killing a mob “■■■■ getting real” :grinning:
I think of it as aggressive loot.


Considering how much of a challenge it is with one or two cats and a controller, I don’t think I want to try 7 and a keyboard. Might as well direct deposit my money into Hyperion’s account.

Now I want to see someone attach a bunch of cat toys to various keys and a mouse and see if 7 cats can play better than me. It’s probably even money.


7 cats and a yellow cake might be better than one might think
just equip them with a red suit
i should consider trying this with my cats

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:heart_eyes_cat: Yes! You could start your own streaming channel. People would watch for the cats and/or game play.

Would it be bad form to use one of the new Microsoft accessibility controllers? That just looks like it’s been designed to be modded for cats, with all of the bright shiny accessories.

Hmm, now I’m hungry for actual yellow cake. :scream_cat:

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Or i could simply just play another game that i find fun.

If Gearbox wants players like me to stick around then they need to give us something to make us stick around. They did it with Borderlands: 2 and Borderlands: TPS.

Borderlands 2 got UVHM and OP levels. And Borderlands: TPS got UVHM.

Borderlands: 3 has gotten nothing other than Mayhem levels as far as added difficulty goes. And It’s not weird that some people want a challenging experience. And it’s also not weird that some people may not like Mayhem, for whatever reason.

So putting those two things together, the logical conclusion to reach, would be to add a difficulty option that is more akin to the previous Borderlands games, and that locking the added difficulty behind controversial features is not a good idea.

They did it in Borderlands: 3 with Mayhem: 4 (Before Mayhem 2.0) but then they removed it for no good reason.

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Mh4 wasnt actually quite different to mh2.0
Only scaling enemies HP and adding some random modifiers

It does come down to “fun”. While I don’t enjoy many aspects of the game, I still have fun. Playing with my friends extends that, as I don’t think I’d find the grind as fun if I didn’t have the weekend to look forward to. Helping them find better gear, try new builds, and finish up quests, this makes it still fun.

Once that changes, or they move on, I will too. Unless the game remains fun. I hope you find something great. And I hope you come back, once this game gets past the growing pains. I think it has the potential to be a lot of fun.

I had an idea for a hard mode I submitted, no idea if it will go through.
But pretty much it would make true take down scaling the starting point, and then go up from there.

So more health, more enemies, higher enemy damage, better & more loot.
All with an optional difficulty mode so others can maintain the way they do things.

And since its a difficulty mode you could change whenever you want.

Not to offend you, but to tell you the truth, you are in a marginalized minority in regards to wanting more difficulty in the game. You might want to try a non meta loadout.


Use only white weapons. There’s your difficulty.

invulnerability drones make game “more difficult”? I think so. I don’t think GB needs to develop an entirely new game. For every player who’s asking for this, there’s probably 3 playing right now wit b whatever modifier they roll and enjoying the work put into it. Are you also re rolling so u don’t risk elemental immunity to your yellowcake while wishing game was more difficult?

This expression describes modifiers terribly well. I like it.

number stretching isnt increase difficulty , it just make u grind more so u can have enough damage to play. the only way to increase difficult is make special enemy with mechanics behind it , so its more about how u play than what stuff u bring

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What about this game is supposed to be serious? It’s cartoonish graphics, silly humor, etc. you want life like difficulty and seriousness go play against real people allah Warzone… I understand the modifiers may be offputting to some but to word it in such a way ‘it’s not serious enough… too arcade like’ lol whut??

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