Can we get a way to reset crew challenge to get reward at level 53

Hello, currently challenges can only completed once per VH (not per play-through).

It’s kind of a problem, now that the level cap has been increased, since there is no way to get a higher level reward without creating a new VH.

Could we get a way to reset the challenges or can the rewards be added to the loot pool once they have been claimed?


Would be neat if they were added to the loot pool as that would alleviate some of the strain


I personally would love for them to be recycled as rewards for new activities, that way each character has alteast 3 chances to get one if it’s a quest reward. Or older crew challenge rewards could be thrown into something like takedown loot, after a set amount of dlc releases the next set of challenge rewards would be added to another takedown’s loot pool and so on.

Or how about we just give Bekah a dedicated drop? Only having one chance at this gun makes for sadness.

They ended up having to do that for the Pimpernel.

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GB never made that adjustment for the Bad Touch in BL2, one per character is all yah get.
Part of why I have so many (53 on Xbox) characters in BL2, lots of bad touches at different levels…

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It is also one of the reason I really never got around to using the Bad Touch. I generally play through with one of each character, and in BL2 I didn’t even complete all of them.

53! :dizzy_face:

You, sir, are a Machine! :fl4k: <–pst Borderlands crew we need character emojis

That’s why I used to USB farm, to get the right parts. Now we have anointments and I’d rather rather farm or just forget about the weapon, as much as I dislikes, than just bypass a quest weapon because it’s pointless or insane to try for what I want.

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That’s just Xbox :slight_smile:

Total across Xbox, PS4, Mac Steam and Mac App Store version - 163 BL2 characters.

No sir, no, I don’t have a Borderlands problem, not ME


I’d even pay Crazy Earl’s outrageous (Eridium) prices to reset them


I reckon they should be redo-able on TVHM and resetting the whole progress should give you another chance to redo the challenges again.


Sign in a co-op player. Give them money. Tip for Bad Touch. Sign out without saving and you can just use this same save file to get a Bad Touch every time the level of Sanctuary raises.

I used the Bad Touch a lot.

How about just give it a high chance for it to drop in mail based on manufactor that that is used to kill enemies? That can work since the mail seems worthless to be honest.

It’s useful to get levelled gear until you reach the max level. You should get the option to sell for $$ straight away because face it if you’re rocking a full set of legendaries you’re not going to want a green Jacobs.

What if you get Jacobs token points for every 100 kills instead? It’ll cost 1 Jacobs point for a green Jacobs or 25 for a random Legendary Jacobs?