Can we get an option to turn down/off visual effects?

I like using a monarch on a fadeaway fl4k but it’s hard to kill human sized targets when your screen is filled with purple.


A number of people have asked for this. We’ve heard nothing on the topic so far (and I definitely think this should be a standard thing, especially to cater for fans who deal with sensory overload due to how busy the game can get.)

Several of these were raised pre-release, and I know some people who have been put off by the lack of this feature.

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zane players have been asking for it since week 1. nothing gbx changed ever helped. if u have static field barrier and go fighting cov your eyes will burn in hellfire in under an hour.


Well, you used one of my posts about this and I’ve actually said it to friends since the game release. I was really hoping it would get noticed by GB and that they’d respond to my concern. Several people agreed with me, but it’s not enough for Gearbox to take notice let alone act on it. The game struggles on consoles with so many of the guns being used, and I simply can not play in multiplayer at all. The Meta guns have, and continue to be weapons that have insane Particle Effects. Add those to all the effects from enemies and it’s a stop motion animation festival before the game crashes. Thanks for taking the initiative in bringing this up.

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I said it in one of the linked threads.

First time I hit GenIVIV my eyes almost burned with the sudden amount of green glowing lasers, shields and bouncing balls.

Plus, some people I’d played Battleborn with had even made comments to this effect from matches there.

Don’t get me wrong, the effects are brilliant, but it sours it a little bit when you can’t enjoy them or the game itself due to their intensity.

Ever group with 2 or 3 mozes when flakker was thing? I would go to bed and still be seeing flakker explosions because it was burnt into my retinas.

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Any settings on console to limit graphical overload and thus speed up the soup frame rate would be great on all titles…

BL3 M10 in many areas is less than 30 fps on a ps4 pro… Why would anyone who likes first person shooters create that mess?

Literally started playing the DLC, and just stopped as the frame rate is a total joke.

After playing a few other titles I’ve realised that Unreal Engine 4 is just not working very well on
Ps4 hardware. Compared to ID Tech it is laughable.

And the worst is that Unreal 5 probably will bust the PS5 with hundreds of millions of polygons…

I don’t want slower shooter games when hardware improves…

Please consider making more graphical options for those people who hate slow fps.

Yes, there definitely should be an option for this. Even though my PC can easily handle the crazy effects with 4 players, my eyes can’t.

Shots that are amped or from Fl4k’s Fade Away are absolutely blinding and make it actually harder to hit anything. Linked attacks like from the Hex, Reflux, Brainstormer, etc. should thinner and less blinding (they should swap them to use the effects from the Chain Gang mayhem modifier as those are easier on the eyes). And there’s also that issue of the ambient “fire embers” or whatever on certain levels.

This is a beautiful game with a fantastic art style, but some effects are just too much.

Also please give us better sensitivity option on both pc console