Can we get an Oscar Mike nerf?

I know support for the game is supposedly gone but is there anyway to just maybe revert his last buff? I mean he’s a frackin superstar before that…now he’s just insane.

Not really. He was about on par with whiskey.

You saying whiskey isn’t a superstar?


Za, we all know that Whiskey has ascended to the state of godhood and is just holding back to make it fair for the rest of us mortals.


OM still doesn’t come close to the degree when Benedict was in god tier. You’ll be fine. Just improve your movement.


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Whiskey ain’t no superstar.

He’s a rockstar!!!

Boi. He’s a mother hecking superstar, and Oscar is a god.

Whiskey is awesome.

Oscar is an overbuffed noob toy.


"WAS!? S** still exploding, I’m still flying and everyone else keeps dying. They can’t nerf this much greatness!!"*


With less kills and more dying compared to the stage when his rockets crit and non stop rockets with the reload glitch. He’a still at the top of the list but no longer in the god tier.

I don’t think anything I could do as Benedict can compare to the wrestlers exploit, aka blatant cheating


Divebomb glitch?

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So you’re saying dragon ult glitch is absurd? Just checking.


Hey, we could totally take another shot at coming together as a community to get changes!

I would like to see the buff halved, to start. When it comes to ‘balancing’ i prefer no buffs/nerfs be 10% or greater. i prefer more subtle changes.
Likewise, I agreed that Mike was underwhelming before the buff. Hence my suggestion to half it, to start.

In a perfect world I’d have a balance thread for every character, and once a month one change could happen to that character. So as a community we would discuss changes, and we can give a weekly request to change up to six characters to gearbox.

We could have weekly balance patches, and still have time to feel out changes to a character before they get tweaked again.


Pretty much. It’s not orendi nihlism levels of cancer, but it’s pretty bad.

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If we can get confirmation from a dev that this is something that will happen I’d gladly contribute. But I won’t waste any more time theory crafting balance suggestions for them to fall on deaf ears.

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I dont think anything like this would warrant a response unless we actually got some support behind it in the form of mentions, likes and comments on the scale of whoevers left on the forums. we arent many, but if everyone took it seriously and attempted to contribute in even as little as ‘i agree with x and y’ im sure theyd do stuff. the kinds of changes wed be asking for would take 5 minutes to employ.
as it stands,why would gearbox take it seriously if no one here wants to take it seriously?

(likewise, why should i bother making the threads for it if the community cant even discuss an 18% buff in a front page article; i may open up another discord discussion on the matter, however. theres still plenty of active players and constructive community members there that i could feasibly get a large enough response)


Yeah, that was kinda my point. The 18% blanket buff to OM feels unfinished…like they were planning to do more with other characters but just lost interest/recourses.

Has anybody looked at how Whiskey stacks next to OM lately, even with CR procced?(two comparable characters)


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