Can we get an overview of the quantities and mechanics used ingame please? (xp, dmg, hp etc/augments)


At least in my experience mechanics are not spelled out by devs but dove into and found out by players when the game comes out. Thats part of the fun of a new game, learning and discovering how it works.

Your suggestion on getting an overview of the skills seems like a good idea, but for now check out the website, they have all that up there.

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Thats part of the discovery of the game, gearbox never told us things like that for borderlands, they never told us whats additive or multiplicative or what splash gets grenade damage vs reaper, etc…

You learn that from playing the game and seeing what works better and in what situation.

I’m all for that part

On the site they have numbers for the skills, and helix points, but not for the basic attacks. But all of those are subject to change.

The game isn’t out until feb 9th anyways so a lot of numbers are going to change, its pointless right now to get some of that info because most of it will most likely change before the game comes out. The 2 betas will cause a lot to be changed but also I’m guessing a lot of mechanics will be discovered and talked about in that beta.

Exactly and also the builds they have at those things are usually super easy mode so people can just have fun with it and not really die too often. The final release will be much harder I imagine.