Can we get back unpatched Xbox One X version?

Dear Gearbox. When i have made upgrade for Xbox One X, i was so happy to play unpatched Borderlands 2 version. It was so smooth and i haven’t frame drops at all.
But after patch i have frame drops when i use explosive weapon like shotguns etc. and even sometimes if there are a lot trashers. Plus i don’t like texture fade if i use UHD texure pack. I thought if i will delete this pack, i get perfect fps, but no. It only removes texture fade, but still frame drops if i use explosive shotgun.
So i know there is no chance that you will do this. But i just want to get an option to choose between FULL HD and 4K versions.
I don’t see very big difference in graphics, but i see frame drops.
Or maybe you just can release an update to just fix this issues and still have 4K resolution.
I know my problem may feel like something insignificant to someone. But i really enjoyed absolutly perfect performance before update.

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Did you file a support ticket for the issues you’re experiencing? If not, please consider doing so. Thanks!


I can confirm your experience is the same as mine. Explosions, blood splatter up close, elemental effects (especially explosions) while zoomed, aircraft attacks, and while driving a vehicle all result in significant slowdowns. There are already a lot of loading hitches, that I can get used to, but the slowdowns are hard to ignore. Zoomed while using a gun that shoots the 5 explosive projectiles seems to half the frame rate.

Thanks for posting the link for making a ticket. I’ll be sure to do that.

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