Can we get BB avatars for PSN

A small thing, that would be really appreciated by me, and maybe others.


You know it’s funny that you mention it because I’ve found myself looking for a Deande avatar on a few occasions.

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Why not use the PS App profile picture feature? I know they won’t display to other people, but they’re still good to have as you can see them. I currently have mine set as Deande but I’m often changing it to Mellka or Orendi too. This reminds me, I need to start looking for decent images of Shaurox to use as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I already do have my Fullminating Beatrix set as profile, but I really want to spread her smile to others


Once you switch it on the ps app just go to change where your avatar comes from and switch it to the ps app avatar and it should work. Unless you’ve already tried that then I don’t know

GGS this morning, @temirarash :dukeaffirmative:

Sorry for not explaining it clearly, but this is what I meant. I believe you change your PSN avatar to your PS App profile picture though your profile settings where you can also change your online status, etc… Unfortunately, only people you have real name requests with can see it and i don’t exactly exchange those too often.