Can we get grenade buffs?

Does anyone else find most legendary grenades under powered? I have gotten atleast on of each and the prenerf hex is really the only one that did what i consider grenade level damage. I only got the regular firestorm so it performed ok, but most of the others are underpowered. When i first got a Quasar I was so excited it was one of my favorite grenades from BL2 and in this game it barely works. The singularity is bugged when it pulls enemys half the time it just flings them out of range and the ones it do hold barely take any damage. The widowmaker is a gimmick that barely does anything. The red queen is in the same boat unless you get a perfect throw . The chupa organ is neat that it drains through shield but damage is lackluster. Tinas grenade barely hurts enemies and come back at you like the cursed grenade from pirate booty. I like the surge but its radius needs widened, you have enemies standing right next to it and not taking damage. I think we need some buffs.

Grenade are plain useless, but once again certain build can abuse them. I’ve recently discovered on the forum that bouncing grenade tend to make militant jump for cover (Annointed and normal) so I finally use them. But that’s it

I agree my moze can throw them out like candy at a parade but I need the constant ticks to keep me healed in high level fights so that leaves the hex, stormfront, rain firestorm and maybe quasar. With the hex nerf i have to throw more grenades to live. As for the other characters i dont have an amara yet. My flak i just use a cloning chupa and my zane I was using an ice hex to help freeze. I want a quasar fix because it would be great for zane and the clone to disrupt enemies. The only time i have thrown more than one quasar at a time it turned off my xbox which is a different issue.

I finally managed to get a recurring hex and rain fire storm. The epicenter is also a great gernade mod. But yah I also feel that the gernades for the most part kinda fall to far behind the too teir gernades.

I have the regular epicenter and it is not great, I’ve seen the bouncing epicenter and it looks much better it seems they base nerfs on the most extreme version of the grenade and not the average. I have 5 different hexes and none are recurring most grenades I see drop are widowmakers. What I want is a surge radius buff I think it would be great. The damage is fine but it has trouble hitting things

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Took me ages to find the recurring hex and rain firestorm. I find the epicenter great. Direct hits do a good amount of money. On my moze it’s killed Anointed Billy with 8 gernades, killswitch most enemies outside badasses in one throw, throw 3 or 4 in a room full of enemies it will kill them all including ones that spawn in.

I know it’s not the bestory gernade out there but I used my lvl 34 up to lvl 50 until I found a level 50 and my rain firestorm.

I think it’s because of how different grenades are treated in this game and how gearbox is trying to find that happy balance.

Nades were more like a resource in older games. Outside of Kreig during the late-half of BL2 where balance just didn’t exist anymore, there was never really a build that could spam the little bastards out as frequently as some characters. They’re treated more like a 5th weapon now, with way more ammo regen options for it.

I agree some of them need buffs, but it’s just a matter of, again, that happy balance. Maybe buff the nades hard but then put some damage reduction on abilities that would spam nade ammo, balance out the options. It’s honestly on the backburner to some important balancing (Hello mayhem 3).

I want fastball to be fun again