Can we get more information about VIP Season 4 and Steam release

Gearbox and 2k have been giving us a lack of information when it comes to VIP season 4, cause the game has been out for 3 months and no free guns from BL3 for purchase on their site. As well as no information for the Steam release, even though Stadia got its release recently(which that will fail like most Google ideas) can we get an announcement on pre-orders or an idea when the game is coming out.

Pretty sure VIP is abandoned lol. Could at least let us redeem the points we have for gold keys or something though.

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you can’t buy Borderlands 3 golden keys at all

You know the 8 weapon unlocks through VIP for legendary Maliwan weapon? I’ve gotten 6 (3 free spins and bought the 3 BL3 weapons available, short two for the legendary unlock). If the VIP is truly abandoned, I’ll never be able to unlock it??

By all accounts, you’re not missing out on anything highly significant. Most folks I’ve talked to found it useful while getting their first character started, but soon found better items as they got in to the game.

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Oh okay, thanks! So you also think it’s safe to say VIP is abandoned? I see a lot of promos for diamond/boost codes on Twitter, even in the last few weeks, it leads me to believe it’s not really dead if you’re willing to spend real money or get lucky in a competition. My friend and me have just started playing this one as a co-op (both level 16 I think), so was looking forward to VIP rewards when we found out about it. Still managed to get 22 free golden keys each but are saving them for higher levels.

I honestly have no idea - I don’t have access to any information that isn’t already either on the forums or one of the official social media channels.

No worries, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

You can still get 300 points a week for the social things, then buy BL2 or pre sequel weapons to get the maliwan gun. Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth unless you already have the points banked

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Yeah I’ve banked a lot of points, I was just wondering whether it would count if I did that, thanks for confirming! Haven’t played 2 or pre in a long time but I prob will replay at some point, so win win for BL3 Legendary and for when I replay those. ty :+1:

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Won’t spoil what the weapon is for anyone who doesn’t know, but just so you’re aware - it’s level 12, regardless of character level or anything else.

I did not know this when I got mine. Much rage -.-

As I recall the Vip legendary caps at level 12 no matter how high of a level you are. However most have used it from the moment it was claimed up intil level 20-24. I used mine until I got the Cloud Kill from a mission. Btw it is best to do all optional parts of a mission/quest in Bl3 as some award legendary or unique gear, and one gives you access to a red chest.