Can we get more legendary sniper rifles that people actually want?

I know I may be beating a dead horse, but a lot of the legendary sniper rifles in this game feel underwhelming or not worth using. The only legendary sniper rifles that I’d even consider being top-tier would be the Lyuda, Monocle, Headsplosion, and the Crossbow.

And even then considering the learning curve it takes to use the Monocle and Crossbow, the Lyuda can still outclass those sniper rifles, that I listed beside it because it’s easier to use/less time consuming to get used to.

And as much as I love the Lyuda, ngl I am tired of it being the be all-end all for legendary sniper rifles. I know there’s always going to be that one “standout” weapon/“better” option, but imho Lyuda stands out too much performance-wise when compared to other unique and legendary snipers.

Especially considering the legendary sniper rifles we do have (you know those ones that ALWAYS drop. E.g, Malak’s Bane aka “Bane of my Existence”, ASMD aka “TGSD”, and Woodblocker aka “Cockblocker”, etc.)

I don’t even consider the Lyuda to be a sniper rifle. As far as I’m concerned it’s really just the most OP AR in the game. There’s no time where I use that gun as you would an actual sniper, long range, one shot at a time headshot sniping. It’s basically trying to snipe with a minigun.


Have to agree. My goto sniper is a purple jacobs. Got lucky with one with over 50 on the handling so most shots hit. The bane, if im think right, is vladof? If its the one im thinking of the underbarell shoty works great.

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autoaime is the worst design lol , giving u aimbot … but aim at center mass but not the crit. why would they design a sniper that cant crit most of the time

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So much this… many times when I see players talking about sniping and they’re at medium range unloading the entire magazine, I’m not sure what to think.

Because I play a loose allegiance, I’m doing regular sniping (long-range, trying for a one-shot kill) with a rifle from each manufacturer who makes one, most (not all) of which are some purple thing I found in a vending machine that just outclasses the others.

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In tps my favorite sniper rifle was the Skullmasher. Seeing how multi pellet weapons work in this game I think it would be great in bl3.



Skullsmasher definitely had it’s uses in both BL2 and TPS.

The Autoaime could’ve had so much competitive potential… But GB kinda flunked with that gun. It’s also a shame that it’s the only new sniper rifle in the new DLC.

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Hind sight being 20/20, I should have checked the purple sniper rifles. There was probably at least one good one here…

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We can’t sleep on the Stalker (Bloody Harvest exclusive).

When you have terror, the bullet splits into 3. That thing SHREDS the Maliwan Takedown event because its also Cryo.

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With my luck I was never able to obtain anything from the Bloody Harvest Event :joy: All I ever heard people talk about was the Fearmonger and Ghastly Call.

I hope that the event will return next year (and hopefully I’ll have better luck by then)

Yeah, the Stalker seemed to drop in Heck and from Loot Ghosts, only. I miss those golden ghost heads :frowning:

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Precision shotguns need damage. The best “sniper rifle” in the game is the one punch jump.
skulmasher and the machine were the best snipers I’ve played in bl2 and blps.

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I would suggest a legendary poll but i guess they know that everyones gonna pick the Unkempt Harold or some other good item.

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I agree

1 pump isnt any special tbh , just a chance to not consume ammo , monocle beat it by far

Git gud.
On a positive note I feel like like the monocle need shorter scopes to not discourage aggressive snipers from using it and we need more snipers with that crit bonus and high powered snipers like the woodblocker that are easier to use, and maybe a little more conservative with ammo though.

I dunno about you all but I’m loving the Headsplosion on Moze
That said though I’d be happy if they brought back SR’s like the Skullmasher, Pitchfork or the Amigo Sincero

Headsplosion was in my OP of snipers that are worth using. Also those are good choices, but y’all are sleeping on Scarlett’s Pimpernel :pensive: I wish that would come back as a legendary, but with the way Maliwan snipers are now, it might be good that it isn’t in BL3.

Are you on PC? I still have a handful of spares (Stalker, Fearmonger, Ghast Call, and the shield (Scream? I forget the name) I can give you. They’re not lit with fancy anointments, but they work as advertised.