Can we get more Lorelei please?

Can we PLEASE get more of Lorelei in the DLC!!!

She is probably my favorite new character. I love her color scheme & design, her attitude, and most of all the fact she’s a coffee addict like me!!!

I need more of the Coffee Commander in my Borderlands, first time I came across her she caught my interest and the more I played and did the side quest I just grew attached to her and she became my #1. Not a huge fan of the way the lore is going in the main story, but if I could have more of her with me I think I could tolerate it. Lorelei is everything I want in a Badass Barista and we were separated too soon.


Isn’t she going to be a key part of the Maliwan Takedown, you are getting more


I dont look too much into DLC so i dont ruin the surprise, but that is some great news to me!!!

It’s also nice to get more exposure to the first trans character in the borderlands universe.


Wait, what?

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…say what now? lol dont matter to me much I’m usually drawn to androgynous women anyways. At what point did they say she’s trans or hint at it. I did a quick search and found nothing except the voice actor is a trans man

There is an echo about it.

I must find this echo. I found the one about about her meeting ryse and her talking about being a bitch before she’s had her coffee and scaring the hell outta him.

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It’s her talking about maybe ■■■■■■■ off from the war and going to the quick change and coming out a new bloke.

Which in itself isn’t a confirmation of anything given her godawful speech pattern.

yeah i found it on youtube it’s very vague and doesnt really confirm anything. It could be she wanted to become a bloke (man) or very likely bad script writing and they meant person, but used the english/australian term for man.

Either way I’m cool with it, I’m still sold :purple_heart:
(as long as they dont make her into something like Mr.Torgue)

I read a piece that gave me enough reason to believe it was a fully intentional use, as much so as “yes sir” and her very lovely “that one’s for the king. I’m the king, in case that wasn’t clear” or something to that affect. That was actually my favorite call out ever.


She is a good funny charector. I love coffee to and can be a cranky ass before i get my first cup in morning. Love her name also.


When the trailers for BL3 first came out I thought Lorelei was going to be a siren for some reason

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Who knows anyone of the female cast be a Siren. Lilith died… became skyfire. Maybe Lorelei passion for hot coffee makes her the next firehawk.


Good Idea, but with her coffee, she is a true pest without coffee… :wink:

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Whoah, I had no idea the voice actor was trans. I liked the way Lorelei was written to begin with, but that’s pretty bloody baddass!:grin:

Lorelei is NOT the Coffee Commander. She paid us to go beat up the real Coffee Commander and steal his mug to fuel her caffeine addiction and I will not recognize her underhanded claim of that title.

Then again, if you replace the mug with a fancy gold belt, and throw in a few suplexes, I would totally respect her holding the title, so, I’m so conflicted…lol

That’s me trying to have a conversation with any MFer ever lmao

It’s like people can only speak in memes and ■■■■■■ catchphrases now.

I think it fair for Lorelei to give herself a fitting promotion.