Can we get notified when there's new skins/taunts in the cash shop?

Only saw it when i was choosing a different taunt for Shayne.

fyi as usual, Shayne has THE best taunts (and skins) in the game. Those facial expressions she makes in the new taunt are hilarious haha.


Yeah, Sharox have the best collection of taunts in the game; not a bad taunt among them.

However, Whiskey’s Tea Ceremony is EASILY the best taunt.


Would be cool if they made so when you log into the game it pops up letting you know about new skins etc.

…Wrong! Ambra tapping that tush is :smile:

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Looks around shiftily, then covers beak with a flipper and starts Whispering.

Okay… Since “tush” is what you admittedly think constitutes the perfect taunt, and i agree, let me tell you the secret as to WHY Whiskey’s Tea Ceremony is the BEST taunt…

Whenever you next use it, TOGGLE THE VIEW TO WHISKEY’S BEHIND. THERE’S your “tush”. Keep this on the down-low though, okay…?

Thorn has some pretty good taunts as well

“YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” begs to differ.

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Honestly I could watch Bea’s all day, so funny.

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#The Display

drops mic


Me n my monster totally beats those taunts

I did mention that it would be nice to know about which skins and taunts were new in the marketplace by them mentioning it in the Battleplan. it could even have its own section in the Battleplan headed “Market Place Updates” or w.e.

Best Taunts? Let me edumicate you chil’ens

  1. The Display [Ernest]
  2. Chevalier [WFT]
  3. Tie between Morale Boost [OM] and Ice Calving [Kelvin]
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Shayne’s dance taunt begs to differ

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Oscar Mike’s “Amp Damage” solo

Borderlands reference and guitar solo all in one

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Bea’s. All of them. League of their own.

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Okay… I didn’t want to have to do this, but:


Yeah. ISIC wins.

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