Can we get Quick Change stations in Takedowns?

I can’t be the only one that hates having to travel to Sanctuary to re-spec if you’re trying out new builds in Takedowns.

In BL2 these things were everywhere. Especially around tougher content, there was always a Quick Change nearby to re-spec and try it a little differently. Why do we not have this luxury in BL3? There are 2 in the entire game(excluding DLC), forcing us to travel to Sanctuary if we arent pleased with our build in a Takedown.

This isn’t the most dire of needs in this game, but especially those of us on consoles would LOVE not to wait through 2-3 minutes of loading screens just to change our skill points.


For. Real.

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I think if they basically put in one after each crystal phase then we’d be in a much better spot.

The other thing I’d like is to be able to respawn without everything resetting/being thrown out of your co-op party if you fall to your death during the jump sections. Once I hit a platform at the wrong angle for mantling and I had to watch my team for half an hour before I could play again. I can understand why most people just quit.

Edit: oops, I thought you were talking about respawn points.


I agree with the sentiment here. I stayed in another thread that these shouldn’t be one size fits all designs. They only put one respawning point in each takedown and it’s always after the mid boss which feels incorrect imo. Each boss should have a respawn point outside of their arena V and the guardian takedown specifically should have a couple more throughout.

The reason I think the boss should get one is so you have a chance to learn the mechanics of the fight rather than fail and have to fight through everything again and actually learn something. The guardian takedown is bad in this regard, especially in multiplayer.If you die on the second stretch past anathema, you are just spectating the others in what is time consuming content. And even if they make it to scourge, you won’t get to fight him.

I had a buddy get pushed off a ledge by a guardian and he spent 15 minutes just watching me.

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Not only that, but whenever we save quit at Takedowns we should be able to spawn back at the same map, not all the way back at sanctuary.


This… Exact this…

I have played over 400 hours BL3 now but skip the takedown because I see no reason to kill all the mobs just to fail at Wotan again. The mobs are really no problem, but they’re useless to kill at the same time since the world drops are not good and it’s a waste of time.

Let me practice the boss! Pls :confused:

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You mean Quick Change Station right? New-U is for respawns.


I guess both would Ne nice? Quick change at the start and the new u before the end boss

Dont let him get that shield on him unless you have good backburners or plaguebearers or he will start spawning krakens i have killed him alot but sometimes he gets me if i cant damage him enough before he goes into shield phase sometimes i can kill him quick and sometimes things just go wrong use amara and you will never die in this fight.

Thank you for the advices but don’t you think there should be an option to practice boss fights without killing a lot of mobs every time before the actual fight. I mean if there would be no ammo machine before and you could not go back to refuel ammo before the boss fight this could be a huge thing. You would go through the mobs without spending to much ammo but I just see no sence in killing them before each fight. Like for what? What is the reason? We can make it more or less easy to the boss and struggle with him. It only frustrating mewhen I have to steam roll before getting owned again and again. If I lower the difficulty my guns are way to op and if I use weaker weapons I’m right there I started…

Edited for clarity, were they called Quick Change in BL2??

I feel deceived lol

I dont expect them to change the overall design of Takedowns by adding new respawn points. This has been a most requested topic though. I was talking about the frustration of having to go to Sanctuary everytime I want to re-spec. I swear all I ever do is watch loading screens.

Yes. In BL1 what limited characterization existed was available at the New-U stations, but with the added customizations in BL2 GBX made it a separate machine with its own name. You’re not the only one to call them a New-U, however!

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I guess I have been wrong since 2012 :sweat_smile:

Yeah, my title and some text were misleading lol

I wouldn’t argue though if they did implement another save point in GTD, I’m afraid this would be too much hassle to do though. The map itself is pretty well designed around a save point after Anathema.


I like the challenge and the high stakes of a takedown. It’s what makes them unique and interesting. Adding respawn points would ruin that.

But a chance to respec would be cool.

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The original intent of the post was to be able to re-spec at the starting area of a Takedown. I obliviously called the Quick Change stations New-U’s causing confusion.