Can We Get Refunded For this Downhill Rapid Game

Drstiny 2 was a reasonable game this is catching up on that (its bombed out now), this is going to overtake anthem (very bad game do not buy) oh yes it is , If you intend to destroy a good game you should make that very clear in advertisements before we spend 90 pounds on nerfs and dumb decision making
Vault hunters are meant to be godly that’s the whole point of playing , we should be op once were in end game , the problem isn’t solved by nerfing you should have just thrown a crap load more stuff for us to kill circle of slaughters and proving grounds could have been such fun , we want the loot, the chaos, the outrage , the mayhem. reverse the nerfs up the ai in every encounter and let us have fun shooting the crap out of everything


Nah…B3 is another game in the long list of

“It will be better later you’ll see” type Modern AAA game. Complete with a DLC Roadmap.

We got tricked. :confounded:


To be honest, the vault hunters in 3 feel massively stronger than the ones I played on 2. Though I’m comparing mayhem 3 to bl2’s UVHM. I recall having to actually plan what I did with each vault hunter for 2 and having to carry a variety of weapons as there wasn’t a ‘one gun is all you need’. Sure there was the grog nozzle for the slag but there were substitutes. And you sometimes still struggled.

However in 3, there is no slag but enemies are still dying incredibly quickly. I do feel like a lot of the abilities are recycled on the vault hunters but I nevertheless liked the idea of being able to make a build that absolutely wrecks everything.

It probably doesn’t help that there is a lack of variety for enemies. They all die in pretty much the same way. Guns like the Lyuda and the Flakker are destructive on their own. But the new vault hunters abilities combined with this (unlimited grenade Moze for example)…it is a little too strong.

The problem they have now though is that they nerf what’s ridiculously strong but don’t follow up on a buff for the abilities that are weaker.

Zane was a good example of this. He’s gotten some nice buffs and I’d say is the only character in 3 akin to the of 2 - you have to plan more on what you’re doing and be more aware of your weapons. He got buffed recently which helped him stand out a lot but not in a ‘one build destroys all’.

Nerfs are needed here and there but I think also a wider variety of enemies would be substantially better. To make us have to use different builds in order to beat them or swap between weapons more. Mayhem mode does this kinda well by having different perks and nerfs when you go in but again, some don’t care. Negative damage from normal bullets isn’t going to bother a flakker grenade Moze.

As much as everyone hated slag in 2, I’d take that over badass rocket spam any day…I love explosions and shooting and blood but when I can’t see what’s going on anymore, it gets a bit tedious and repetitive.

Hopefully when raid bosses are introduced, it’ll push the community to have to try new builds that don’t just one shot them to death. (Looking at you Grave Ward)

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If you could get a refund, this forum is likely not the place you should inquire.

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its never going to happen mate lol

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in theory we kill a god at the end of game so we should become a god , my builds took me a lomg time to do and now they only kill time I personally play solo so its good to feel godly for a change pity ill end up binning it like all the other games I liked unfortunately gaming is all about the money and not the game these days

Lol, that’s just not true. Destiny 2 was arguably worse than 1. Because by the end of 1 they knew what people wanted, and still chose to release 2 in the exact state 1 was released in.

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I’ll never buy a Ubisoft game at release again because of how buggy and how much they like to adjust items. Just take this as a lesson and don’t buy another gearbox game on release. I’ll be with you on that boat because I’ve had enough of this nerf garbage. As for a refund I highly doubt it. Just take it as a lesson and set standards for yourself so you don’t get burned again.

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Destiny 2 was crap when it launched. Everyone knew it. I wont compare this game to that or anthem.

That said, there are glaring issues with this game. I’d be more focused in the bugs and crashes than “balancing”.

Game freezes on my xbox at least once a night. Menu lag is bad. Loot images dont match, couch coop is terrible, framerates are terrible running 4 people proving grounds let alone slaughter shaft. Banks getting deleted. List goes on and on.

I would love to see a road map of when the major issues will be addressed. 30 days have come and gone.

I realize it takes time and resources, I just question what they are prioritizing and there justification for not having all hands on deck for the bigger problems.

Cant wait till the infinite nades get patched. That will be a fun ■■■■ show.

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I agree with the fact that they need to put everything else on hold and focus on game performance. And after that, fix the skills that don’t even function so we can actually see what we’re working with.

Make enquires with whoever you bought it from.