Can we get rid of backdooring already?

Cheap exploitative gameplay, you can stand in the corner and avoid all damage while continually plugging away at the sentry. Sure most groups can chase the person away but they’ll head right back over and continue to chip away with zero consequences.

It’s made worse when someone like Benedict does it because they put out such high amounts of DPS…

The game is dying and backdooring is just a stupid tactic to allow, most reputable MOBA’s or battle areans put in protections against Backdooring because it’s a garbage tactic.

BTW backdooring is when a character who can jump, float or fly goes onto the ledge behind the enemy team, the one that leads directly into the mid thralls. Ones that can do it… Benedict, Thorn, Kleese, ISIC, probably a few others as well…

Thorn can only do that late game fyi.

I’ve only played her a few times, I’m not sure when she gets the ultra jump helix or whatever it is… either way it’s a cheap tactic and frowned up on almost every competitive multiplayer circle… Yet it’s ripe in this game, between the quitters, the backdoorers, and the hackers I’m not sure how much fun Battleborn will be…

I won’t even get into the dwindling playerbase…

It’s a perfectly viable strategy, I posted a thread on this a while back and the majority of the player base and posters agreed that it is viable as it is very easily countered, and allows the opposing team to often have a 5v4. ISIC is really the only one who can take advantage and pose an actual threat with his ult.


It requires 2 helix choices, the ultra jump alone isnt enough.

if it was a viable strat, other games like LOL, and Smite, and the rest wouldn’t have things in place to stop it. The bottom line remains it’s a cheap tactic, especially with high DPS characters who can just plug away and shred the sentry down, all the while having no fear because the sentry won’t even target them.

That’s an exploit, similar to the one in the tunnel, that allowed Marquis to just fire away without fear of getting hit by rockets or the sentry…

Also many of the backdoor characters have no issues with 1vs1 fighting anyone who comes over to stop them, then you’re left with a 3 - 4 situation as 2 characters go to deal with the backdoor… It’s a garbage tactic which has no place in a game which wants to be taken seriously as a competitive one…

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If they come back just chase them away again.

Which two helix choices is this for thorn? Im pretty sure it only requires one.
its the level 7 higher jump for thorn helix choice. Maybe its also the 30% movement speed as well is what u mean? I only ever play thorn but never backdoor so i wouldnt actually know.

when you’re chasing away the person using a garbage tactic it takes you away from pushing and or driving toward their sentry. It only really proves to be an issue once you have the other team pushed back. The backdoor, does even need to alert anyone, just dives into the mids… hops up onto your ledge, pummels your sentry unopposed…

Like I said it’s discouraged and frowned upon in other games, yet allowed to happen all the time in this one. It would happen more if people understand how it worked.

You need the melee knockback one as well, jump alone wont get you up there. I havent tried the blight tbh.

I have never had a problem with people backdooring me (giggidy) as it just one less body on the front line, and that usually ends up with my team snowballing into the enemy base and killing their stuff quicker than the backdoorer. Not to mention backdooring doesnt get you much XP, you can quickly find yourself out leveled and loosing even if you do manage to take out the first sentry.


I don’t know about getting rid of backdooring entirely but as it stands it’s simply way too easy to do in the game right now. I really think the Sentry shields need to be buffed against Battleborn attacks and the thing needs to be a lot, a WHOLE LOT more aggressive about targeting. Not only is it possible to backdoor it without being fired upon but plenty of times I’ve run right by the Sentry’s face with a Rath or Phoebe on my tail and it’s done nothing.

Backdooring should be a last ditch strategy and should take 2 or preferably 3 Battleborn, not one.

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The lack of the sentry targeting needs to be fixed, but it’s not hard to scare them off. About 10-12 characters can backdoor in one way or another, and there isn’t much of a problem chasing off a character. Most will run when they are discovered, and if need be, a second teammate joining isn’t too hard and will most definitely result in a kill.

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I really feel like this is a gripe that is misplaced. Backdoor is a tactic. It is useing your team as a distraction to achieve “the mission”. And vice versa. It’s like getting mad at a group of friends playing the game together. It’s been called “pub stomping”. Me and my battlebro don’t explicitly look to smash people. But I have a friend who like to play the harrier. He back doors, he hunts runners, he pokes snipers. Anything that could be considered annoying. That’s him. It really is a tactics choice. And I feel anyone who has a gripe about it should go police the offender or deal. Just an opinion mind you, much love.

Also in the most cool way I can say it.

We’re not playing SMITE.
we’re nt playing LOL.
We are not playing X
This is Battleborn.

But the sent. should still be more agreesI’ve to add a bit more risk/reward.


It also takes them away from pushing and driving to your sentry. Not only are they not able to backdoor they are also not killing your minions.


I’m going to have to disagree with you. I know, sorry. I think this is what makes games interesting. Those guys have specific traits that allow for that kind of tactical advantage. When I’m in PVP, I try and figure out what the other team is capable of. When there is a cheap-er character coming, I have to assume they will try some kind of shenanigans. I can’t blame them for it. That’s what they are able to do. I was in a game where Ben kept flying over to our sentry, shooting a couple times and leaving. Finally I got annoyed and went over there and grabbed him with my hooks before he took off and he got nuked.

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Idk what mobas your playing but they all have this strategy… they call it split pushing and honestly backdooring leaves you in an advantage as well. There down a player and if you cant beat a team that’s backdoors you that’s your teams fault. They can only backdoor the 1st sentry, the 2nd sentry is a bit problematic. That strat isn’t frowned upon at all either, the only people that complain about this strat are people who don’t play MOBAs a lot ESPECIALLY from future pro/competitive players as they wont even allow that to happen. The idea of back dooring is the same idea of split pushing. It forces an enemy team out of lane and away from their team mate to deal with the intruder and if you do it incorrectly you will lose your 1st sentry. Not to mention the backdoor player is losing massive amounts of experience.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with this strategy and it isn’t cheap, or exploiting the game, and your reasoning is the same is invalid as you can do the same thing in bunker.

  • You can hit sentry and take no damage in bunker too.
  • Same as Bunker

Benedict is the 2nd squishiest character in the game… klesse being #1

[quote=“orgelambart, post:1, topic:1523778”]
The game is dying and backdooring is just a stupid tactic to allow, most reputable MOBA’s or battle areans put in protections against Backdooring because it’s a garbage tactic.
[/quote] This has nothing to do with why the game is dying, The lack of knowledge for this genre has more to do with it, and just because you don’t like this tactic and you think its garbage doesn’t mean it its cheating. Not trying to call you out but just giving you insight. Ive been playing MOBAs for 7 years and its the ONLY genre I play minus nba2k

and just like you said “Its a garbage tatic” Which it is, it only beats noob as its a pubstomp strategy. It will be used in competitive play only to remove a player from their team though more so than attacking the sentry. It is also a good strategy to attack the sentry from 3 different angles.

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Backdooring is a viable strategy. PvP in battleborn is teamwork. Backdooring is extremely effective against teams that are not working together and not so much when the team is coordinated.

The issue with Backdooring isn’t the strategy or the mechanics around it. Its the fact most people in solo queue play the game with a deathmatch shooter mentality and run around doing their own thing to try and get a good k/d ratio.

Don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but backdooring was part of the last Battleplan fixes. Supposedly, there is no place where a BB can stand where the Sentry cannot hit them. This was the fix.

In the first place, both teams can do it. In the second place, I agree with everyone in this thread who has stated this is a strategy, not a bug, or an exploit.

While several BB have the ability to do it, several BB also have the ability to counter it effectively. Yes, it takes someone away from the push to counter it, but it also takes someone away from the push to do it.

As there is no one way to play a BB, there is no one way to win. It would be pretty damn boring if there was only one way to win.

I wish more people could appreciate how BB is different instead of attempting to nerf it back into something they’ve played before.


This is another unimportant point my friend. WHOs FAULT IS THAT? those players need to Go play with a team then and stop solo queing. NONE of my friends play this game and I only play this game in a party, Ive had this game since release and have 15+ players that I meet strictly in PvP. Make friends and team up with people. this is a team based game it isn’t our fault people are playing this game solo.

Not sure who you’re directing this at since I’d already indicated the reason these people are complaining about backdooring is user error or their team’s lack of coordination or teamwork and their issue with the strategy has nothing to do with something gearbox has done to the game itself.

You’re better served playing PvP in this game as a first person MOBA rather than an first person shooter.