Can we get shields and grenades with anointments not tied to our action skills?

Gaining weapon, grenade and action skill damage on grenade throw is a great anointment but it is the only non weapon anointment that isn’t tied into an action skill being used.
I put some thought into last night and I started thinking “why don’t shields give us bonuses to damage or accuracy while sliding and jumping? Why don’t grenades get an anointment to increase damage based off of how effective you are with them?” We could have shields that reward is for keeping them up or aid us when they’re down, I still use the heal on ase anointment from the haunted harvest, grenade regeneration anointments could actually be used by Moze and Zane could have more than one great shield anointment to build with. I think this would be an amazing way to open up the variety of builds we can make.
Who else has some badass ideas they think would be good on shields or grenades?

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Actually, there is “on action skill start, generate one grenade”.
I happen to use this quite often on my Rakk FL4K. Works well for any VH to keep grenades stocked up. Moze doesn;t really need it, but a nice change from relying on a BBB shield.

I have a rain firestorm with that but my Fl4k gets more use out of that then the other vault hunters.
That is why I mentioned Moze being able to regen grenades through an anointment not tied to leaving IB.

In theory that’s not a bad idea but then you’d have to remove the 50% elemental dmg ASE anoints because otherwise noe one would use them. Plus, players would just complain that yet another “useless” anointment is polluting the loot pool. And if you remove the extra dmg anoints people would also go on a riot becasue GB nerfed their characters “Into the ground”.


they could downscale the game if they removed those so characters maintain power curve.

what a revolutionary idea tho

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Anointments not tied to action skills would still work pretty well with the current anointments on our shields and nades. Your shield anointment is basically useless for auto bear and sub par for gammaburst.

Please, no more anointments for slide/jump accuracy or fire rate. Even damage is hardly worth the extra effort to constantly jump or slide.

There are too many anointments as is. Too many of them aren’t worth using compared to what else is available.

On the bright side, thanks for pointing out how GB did a good job of making most anointments for shields and grenades at least a little useful. None of them are so bad I could just ignore them.

Shield: “Sliding causes shields to begin recharging. “

Grenade: “Thrown grenade, regenerates 1 grenade.”

The new meta would be skidding around tossing grenades. :rofl:

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I personally see shields as better suited for those perks than guns.

I’m gonna ruin that ray of sunshine. Gammaburst has nothing amazing to use in terms of shield anointments, Zane’s barrier and clone anointments are simply cute, very few people like the concepts of s Fadeaway nova and movement speed on attack command then the only way to regen grenades is a slap in the face to Moze and speaking of her if you let Otto pilot the bear you really don’t even need a shield anointment, sad.

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What makes shields a better choice for anointments that are virtually useless? The effort of constantly sliding for something like fire rate is not worth while. Accuracy while airborn is worse than pointless. I’m more accurate when I’m not jumping all the time.

I don’t see shields as a better place for these anointments because I don’t see them as anointments worth having to begin with.

130% gun damage after Clone swap is cute? Even for the worst shield anointments, they aren’t something like airborne accuracy. They’re marginally useful instead of more trouble than their worth. I’d rather have something that almost never kicks in than something I have to work for and get nothing for.

I hate managing temporary buffs. I would like more Anointments on all equipment that are not tied to Action Skills (or sliding/jumping). I like the bonus damage when enemies are below/above a certain HP threshold. Bonus effects on critical hits could be great. A chance to ricochet into nearby enemies on a miss might be nice. Shed aggro on shield break?

I should reiterate that only Zane’s shield anoints for the clone and barrier are cute, regen 3% health is cute.

Let’s look at certain action skills and class mods made to draw out those action skills and tell me why ASE anointments are good?
I’ve already mentioned auto bear and how Fadeaway and gammaburst could get use out of a slide shield while using their action skill and anointments that compliment their action skill be active. Another example is a clone and dome build gets shafted on shield anointments. I would definitely stack slide damage with 100% action skill damage since slide is multiplicative.

Really there is no reason to only do the existing anointments we can get knew anointments on our shields and nades that reward us for preformence, play style or just aid us when we’re in a low spot. The current state of anointments is what kills diversity not mod selection and our skill synergy. Having a better selection that isn’t tied to ASE or choosing an action skill just because it has a better choice of anointments than the others.

You literally said nothing about Auto Bear, Fade Away, or Gamma Burst and how slide would benefit them at all. Maybe you meant to say something about how you could activate Auto Bear and run and slide like an idiot to increase damage on something less useful than the gun in my hands, and less useful than just being in Iron Bear myself. Still not a great option, even for Moze.

I don’t know what you’re trying to say about ASE anointments. That sentence starts as a statement and ends as a question. Are you asking someone to explain why ASE anointments are better than damage during slide? 50% increase to all damage for 10 seconds is obviously better than 40% during slide. 50% for ten seconds, or 40% for one? You tell me which is better. Why would I want slide anointments added to the shield pool when the existing options are already better? People are already unhappy with the amount of anointments, more just makes it more difficult to find what you like.

Like I said: Options that rarely kick in or do very little like 3% regen are still better than options I have to go out of my way for, and then only have a mediocre benefit. I’d have an easier time agreeing with you if you weren’t trying to act like accuracy during slide was worth anything at all. Damage? Sure, I can imagine some situations where it could be useful. Do I like running around sliding for no reason other than the bonus? No, not at all. But accuracy? Literally more trouble than it’s worth.

I think the OP has a point. GB has said that there is more content to come, with, I assume, more anointments, so maybe we will see some new non-ase ones soon.

Maybe, to help an already bloated loot pool for anointments, we could have some of the anointments tied to specific worlds. So, for instance, Amara specific anointments could have a greater chance to drop on Athenas. May need to look at the general loot pools though, e.g. if a non Siren wanted a specific weapon that usually drops on a Siren tied planet.

However, I think it has been agreed that loot pools generally need some attention, with some arguing that legendaries need to be spread out over more dedicated drop bosses.

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The 40% on slide is multiplicative to every single damage boost you have - in fact the slide and airborne anointments are the only true multiplicative buff in the game. The 50% elemental damage isn’t . And tbh, it would be way more useful on a grenade and shield compared to a gun, because the gun anointments are generally way stronger and not worth trading for the slide anointment. But I imagine Zane players will be very happy if the slide anointment could come on a grenade or shield and they would use it over the shield elemental anointments.

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I didn’t state it exactly but it was infered in this statement due to context.

As I’ve said before I don’t think it should be limited to sliding and jumping bs but the the dependency on the current anointments hurts diversity. Can you actually tell me how ASE end abilities help a Rocketeer build or gammaburst build?
I think you’re legitimately afraid of one of two things, the anointment pool being overly crowded or a drastic shift in the meta.
You have yet to attack my argument in it’s face or as a whole instead you have pinholed my post into only existing anointments that failed to excel on guns and you have repeatedly misrepresented my view by cherry picking terms out of context or just simply misunderstanding them.

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We need anointment pools.

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This has nothing to do with sliding/airborne accuracy or fire rate, which are still garbage on any piece of equipment.
It also illustrates a different problem with GB: Poorly describing item effects to the player. It would be nice for them to toss in something that mentions bonuses that are multiplicative, or bonuses that do or do not stack. Toss in a feature, don’t explain it well and expect the community to wait for streamers to tell us.

Your post mentioned nothing about those anointments. This is obviously a direct response to:

The fire rate and accuracy anointments obviously need work - but that goes for every single accuracy and fire rate anointment, not just those that activate on slide. Like would you seriously use an accuracy and handling ASE anointment over a weapon damage ASE one? I think accuracy and handling anointments are beyond saving, but if all fire rate anointments were buffed by 2-3x we may see them actually seeing some use.

The big problem about the slide damage anointment is that its numbers are way too small to actually compete with most of the damage ASE anointments on guns. Which makes it more fitting to be on a grenade/shield, since the numbers on those tend to be smaller. And for most classes that aren’t Moze, it is really easy to farm for grenades with the right anointment, since they really are just a delivery mechanism for their anointments.

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A bonus is usually multiplicative when requirements involving the state of your character or enemy are suppose to be met, ase does not effect you or enemies for example.
Hidden Machine is a good example.