Can we get some weapon buffs?

Yep… Sniper rifles are a whole 'nother issue for me Lol. But, I too try to find ways to make my favorites work. It creates more frustration for me though, knowing they are FAR from what they should be. I like options. But I want those options to work.

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Watch the Woodblocker and Lob be buffed into the stratosphere and while airborne is removed and replaced with “While action skill is active and short time after do each elemental damage 25% of damage” (25 bonus is on each element).

But yea I agree they need to buff a ton of things. Grenades need serious retuning outside of moze they are mostly stat sticks or utility with SF transformer combo or the its piss.


Maggie was buffed because it was out DPS’d by purple Mashers, the Maliwan smg’s and snipers are essentially non-existent in builds, this is after the buffs.

I can’t tell if this post is sarcasm or not.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding but Kyb’s Worth, Ion Laser and Westergun all work very well in Moze’s splash builds. I’d agree on Maliwan snipers though


Ok, so I have 2 vault hunters at 50, and in Mayhem 4. Across those 2 VH’s, I use:

Q System
Unforgiven (never to fire it)
Redistributor (if I had one, that is)
Kybs Worth (Again, if I had one)

Some of them are situational, but that’s it. I’ve tried to make the E-Barrel guns work (the blister was a TON of fun in M1 - M3, as was the CoV variant), and various other guns.

I FINALLY have a Moze Incendiary Anointed Ogre, the gun that I lusted after when playing on lower mayhem levels, but it’s complete and utter trash on Mayhem 4.

There are so many guns that are useful / fun / personalized style in Mayhem 1-3 that you just can’t use in M4, and that’s really where I think the problem lies.

Mayhem 4 introduced such a steep / massive level of difficulty in terms to downing enemies, that the pool of guns that were able to complete the content reasonably just plummeted.

Couple that with Anoints being make or break, and you end up with an experience where 999,999,950 of the 1,000,000,000 guns are hot garbage for the hardest level of difficulty.

I don’t know what the solution is. Mayhem 2.0 may hold the answers, but the problem is, with some people being able to solo M4 True Takedown, and others of us struggling to do M4 Solo Takedown, I’m not sure how they can make more guns “good, and fun”, without just throwing balance out the window.

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I’ve said this before but in the context of players, but think of it like an inverted triangle with 3 zones.

The area of each segment represent the volume.

The top largest tier, is the 800 Billion gazillion guns that Gbx tout. All tie in nicely for use in NVHM. Not going to set your world alight, but you’re gonna have some fun with it.

Tier 2 , lesser than the first, but still quite a bit. Maybe a 100,000 guns. Good for TVHM and the lower Mayhem levels perhaps. Also representative of players who willgo this far.

Tier 3 - About 1000 weapons, good for the end game. TVHM, M4, Takedown etc.

Again representative of the players who go that far.

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True enough they serve Splash Moze well that’s only because they ARE splash damage, but outside of her splash build…
Even with the ‘buff’ they are not universal weapons like Brainstormer, Distributor, Maggie, Cutsman, etc.

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I duidn’t mean to imply that I don’t think that there aren’t many weapons that need to be buffed, it’s just that the statement that Gearbox doesn’t do buffs didn’t sit with me right.


Sure, they buff but besides Maggie what has been made useful? I’m not being a smartass, I can’t think of anything else that became useful. The nerfs have made a far greater impact on the game than the buffs.

Edit— replaced ‘was’ with ‘what’


True, but we’re talking about Maliwan. If you’re not interested in splash dmg there’s not much reason to pick up any Maliwan with the one exception I can think of being the Cutsman.

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That’s the whole point of them needing a meaningful buff.

Well you are wrong though because the Kybs, Ion Laser and Westergun are all powerful on all VH not just splash based builds. Westergun is just a lesser version of Kybs but yet it still holds strong in M4.

Most of that list above however of buffed weapons fell short and most of those are still trash, especially in M4.

Maybe so but I can easily replace those choices with top tier weapons.

My personal solution would be to avoid highest difficulty then. I mean, games should be fun, right? So, drop down a level and go crazy with non-meta guns.


That’s a terrible solution for completionists / people who are looking to play at the highest levels, but also would like to see some diversity to the guns you use.


I see your point although I don’t agree with that approach. I like that manufacturers have their own niches. If you buff a wrench enough, eventually you can use it as a hammer but why not just keep wrenches and hammers as separate tools?

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The problem is, if you are just looking at wrenches and hammers, there aren’t enough applications that need you to have both.

Right now, on TVHM / M4, you generally want fast hammers, that hammer several things at once, and there aren’t uses for Wrenches.

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This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say, thank you.

Its proven that you can finish the Takedown with a Lob…
But why would I???

The Westergun for instance

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Unless you are using a Moze ammo regen build, it is basically unusable. Save for a large enemy historically. The out of control fire rate and of course seconds wasted building up the fire rate to max, the enemy is long gone out of your cross-hairs. This is the standard MO that these types of weapons operate with. Great in theory - not so much in practice. Works great in certain circumstances. As most of these special weapons perform. Looks great on paper. Is about as effective as throwing paper. Been having these problems (except for Borderlands 1) with Assault rifles EVER since then for the most part with only a few exceptions.

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