Can we get the "electric" symbol taken off the item cards of guns with alternate electric attacks?

Love the game, but this has me super frustrated.

I’m running elemental Amara so I look for loads of shock guns and whatnot. There’s been… several times where I see a new Vladof pistol that drops and I think “oh goddamn, thats awesome for run and gun and I don’t have a lot of depth at pistols”, and then I put it on and figure out the reason it has “shock” on the card is because of the underbarrell taser.

I think some of the Atlas guns use the same gimmick, where their tracker grenades/bullets will do shock, so the gun reads shock…

Except it’s not.

I think the explanation on the cards of these weapons is enough of an indicator, and putting them on the “primary element” slot just leads to confusion, tentacles, and disappointment.

Obviously with all the other technical issues, not a huge deal…

Just wanted to table the motion.

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The best part is when you have a Vladof fire pistol with the shock underbarrel, and the DoT stats(% proc/proc damage per second) shows both fire and shock.


You, sir, have a good point. If a pistol is NE and had an underbarrel taser the game should not display the taser’s element as primary. It is false advertising, and I believe the FTC should be notified. What? You say the FTC has no jurisdiction on Pandora or anywhere else in the BL3 galaxy? Absurd. I’ll not stand for it. I declare that the Gearbox Galaxy should be annexed as a commonwealth or protectorate of the US of A so that their trade shall be regulated according to our obviously fair and just rules.

(Seriously though, I agree with you @Arsonist.)

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