Can we get the next level cap increase early this time?

I mean, we know it’s coming. Would just love to be able to enjoy these Anniversary Loot events this month. Instead of having to farm for on level gear all over again after these mini-events are done.

Doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense to me. This isn’t the first time we’ve gone through this.


If they’ve done it this many times, it seems to be a strategy. Why they think it’s a good one I don’t know, but it’s safe to assume that they intend for people to gear up immediately before a level cap increase for some reason.


cough to artificaly keep people playing cough


Don’t get too attached to that max level gear. Remember, BL2 got 10 more levels 7 years after release. :grin:

I would actually welcome the return of the Grinder, but instead of luneshine, it grinds eridium and cash to level up weapons.

Instead of RNG for what weapon, you keep the weapon, but RNG applies to how many levels it’s boosted in a grind (cash payment), it’s parts and element (eridium), or both at the cost of both.


Didn’t bl2 only have 3 lvl cap increases though? We’ve already reached that in this game. I miss 10 lvl’s at a time

I thought it went, 50, 61, 72, OP 1-8, 80 + OP 9-10

I feel like there was one between 61 & 72.

I’d count 50-61
OP levels I think are comparable enough to mayhem to not bother considering


All you have to do for Mayhem is toggle the slider and it came with the game.

OP levels were part of a DLC Upgrade, and you had to earn them by completing an entirely new map, and having to refarm gear along the way. That’s more of a chore than MM at this point by leaps and bounds if you have the Gun Gun, cash to burn, or Golden Keys.

Also this blast from the past is a relevant read

Either way they both have 10 lvl’s (mayhem was designed to be played from 1-10 just nobody does) and are optional whereas lvl cap changes aren’t. My point was that I’d much rather refarm EVERYTHING once or twice throughout the games life cycle than once or twice every 6 months. That’s exactly why I’m burnt out on the game.

Edit: also can’t believe I’m saying this but I kind of miss the grind and boss rush of DP. Felt like a real endgame challenge

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Really don’t mind how they’ve been doing the cap raises. Keeps us from trying to farm new gear with gear 10 levels under since leveling up goes really quick.

Just getting tired of the loot events right before the increase. It’s counter-intuitive.


Pretty awesome read. Thanks for that.

Or introduce a ultimate level cap and be done with it. It makes all of these loot events redundant if the level cap is going to be increased weeks after them. Right now I’m sticking with mayhem 4 until it gets introduced, I won’t be gunning for mayhem 10 until then because that bullet-sponging fest is not worth my time if I have to do it as many times as Gearbox increases the level cap.

Surely there must be better ways to keep people engaged.

If I remember correctly, the level cap increases in BL2 were paid addons with the UVHM packs, and Commander Lilith after that.

This is one of the big reasons I haven’t returned to the game. They keep doing this BS strategy to keep people playing and “interested”.

So much of the business end of the Dev team have sunk this game into being a shallow market ploy so that they can make profit or have big numbers to show their popularity. Stop it greedy peeps. Just let the designers and developers who clearly want the players to have a fun gaming experience have it already.


Yeah. I’m feeling like not participating in the event because I know a lvl cap increase will come right after.

This is a very poor strategy IMO. An event after a level cap increase would get many more players on board with said “events”. So if this,

is actually their gameplan, it would be much more efficient and have a slightly less negative impression to these “events”.

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Does anyone else not want a level increase? I think 60 is a really good number to stop at before builds start becoming homogeneous like BL2 and TPS. It looks nice too.

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If the rumored 4th skill trees are real I wouldn’t mind the cap ending somewhere around 80 again. Otherwise I’d rather the cap stay at 60, any more and most builds will have the same skills


i dont need it
even with a 4th skilltree i dont need it but i wouldnt mind it then

I wouldn’t mind a few more points, but we don’t need to get into ridiculous territory where every tree is filled. Of course more points will be welcome if they do drop a 4th tree, but that is highly speculative.

I miss BAR, but XP going towards guardian rank is kinda nice, and adding more perks there,so there’s still an incentive to get more.